Bridal Jewellery Options To Match With Lehengas

The excitement of the wedding season is palpable in the air. One of a girl's most anticipated days, when she gets to experience becoming Cinderella from her own fairy tale. When the D-day is ultimately selected, all of the searching done over the years, ideas drawn from famous celebrities pays off. It's important to pick out the right bridal jewellery for your wedding outfit. Today's brides are not afraid to experiment with their appearances, start a new trend, or up their style game. The lehenga, however, is the one ethnic garment that brides have consistently favoured for decades. The fusion of tradition and fashion.

In India, where ethnic attire still predominates, this union of two families—a narrative of love, a lifelong bond, and companionship—is honoured with rituals and customs. Lehenga was another item of apparel that the Mughals brought to India, escorted all the way from Persia. The mighty lehenga has survived the test of time by incorporating the current silhouette. This gorgeous piece of clothing has been the topmost choice of the brides. The Midas touch of an offbeat ivory tint has been added to the traditional red lehenga to complement the style of contemporary brides.

Putting all the thoughts and energy into selecting the perfect lehenga, the one aspect that is frequently overlooked is the bridal jewellery sets that uplift the splendour of this royal outfit. It can be difficult to choose the right one for you and your lehenga when there are so many options on the market. Choosing the right ornament and keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends can be stressful. It's not just about how intricate and heavy your jewellery is anymore. There is a lot at stake, and no bride wants to risk her big day. We take up the tough task of saving you from stress. Keep scrolling while we lay out all the beautiful jewellery for brides to stun on their big day.

Gold Emerald Set

Without addressing gold, the topic of wedding jewellery is incomplete. One of the most classic combinations is gold and emerald. It is adored since it works well with both light and dark-toned lehengas. Different coloured emeralds can be paired with gold in a variety of ways to complement your carefully curated wedding lehenga.

Kundan Set

A timeless match, the magnificent Kundan set and wedding lehengas are a match made in heaven. The brides who go for monochrome lehengas for their wedding ceremony and choose a transparent and shiny Kundan set to wear with it will make all the heads turn. Subtle and simple Kundan are a classic choice for your big day.

Diamond Set

When it comes to diamonds, one can never go wrong. A contemporary taste for individuals who like to forego the repetitive golden hues and opt for a silver diamond set and this new trend has done wonders. Diamonds effortlessly add elegance to your attire leaving no room for other articles. Ideal for those whose style statement is less is more.

Choker Set

Choker sets have recently gained enormous popularity for weddings and are the finest option to complement your neckline. Wearing a choker with a lengthy heirloom piece will lend volume to the entire outfit for brides who like to layer up a few more pieces of jewellery on their wedding day. The bride who prefers to dress simply can choose a standout accessory to instantly glam up her ensemble. In either case, it looks fantastic and increases the WOW factor.

Meenakari Set

Meenaakari sets, an exquisite combination of gold and colours that have ruled the jewellery industry for generations and have received love from today's generation as well. Meenakari sets are a classic yet gorgeous embellishment that will honour the regal nature of your Lehenga.

Pearl and Polki Set

The most recent addition to bridal jewellery sets is Pearls and Polki, a contemporary interpretation of traditional Jadau jewellery. A royal pair bound to take everyone’s heart away. The blend of pearls and palki looks stupendous and gives your red lehenga a lovely light tint. The old Satlada Haar is back in vogue thanks to this duo.

Choosing the perfect bridal necklace set could be a bit of a task, but now you know that there are plenty of options for you to go after that princess look that you want on your big day. Blingvine offers a wide range of bridal jewellery for outfits that combines style, comfort, and tradition.

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