Your One-Stop Guide To Pairing Bridal Jewellery With Various Outfits

Shopping for weddings is stressful, and shopping as a bride for your own wedding can be even more stressful. You need to ensure your outfits, your jewellery and your makeup is on point. When choosing jewellery for your wedding, we would suggest going the more classic route, as it’s tried and tested and works like a charm.

If you’re confused about how you want to pair your outfits and jewellery for your wedding, we’re here to help you pick the best bridal necklace sets according to your outfits. Read on to know more.


Lehenga is the most quintessential wedding outfit. Lehengas form the lion’s share on every bride’s outfit. They are regal, elegant and still make you look young. Lehengas are stylish and hug the curves perfectly.
A lot of bridal necklace sets pair perfectly with a lehenga. If you’re looking for something heavy and royal, a Jadau necklace set or a Polki necklace is the one to go for. These pieces lend shine to your big day, and make you glow even more. These are also celeb favourites because of how imperial and dignified they make you look.


A saree is aptly described as 6 yards of elegance. A saree is the epitome of class and is a standard as a bridal outfit. It is traditional, but you can modernise to your taste and personal style. The options in sarees are endless, and so is the jewellery that can accompany it.
If you’re wearing a saree at your wedding functions and want to really make a statement, Temple jewellery is the perfect match for you. These bridal necklace sets pay homage to the gods, bringing in the right vibe for the wedding. One more option is choosing American Diamond jewellery sets for marriage. These are statement making pieces that pair beautifully with a saree, and will make you look poised.


A gown is a newer concept at weddings, but one that is exquisitely glamorous, nonetheless. Gowns add sophistication to the wedding, and really bring the glam. You can look like a princess for your big day with gowns, and twirl the night away.
If you want to add an Indian touch to your look while wearing a gown, going for a beautiful polki bridal necklace set will make your look unique. Wearing American Diamond bridal necklace sets adds class to the look. They add to the glow of the gown, and will make you look like a bride to remember.


An anarkali is the perfect outfit for pre-wedding functions like the sangeet or mehendi. They are elegant and also add the right amount of refinement you need as a bride. These are easy to move in, and you can dress up an anarkali really well with the jewellery you pick out.
A statement pearl bridal necklace set would offset an anarkali really well, making it look ethereal and beautiful. You can also pick up a beautiful meenakari necklace set to match you anarkali and really be transported back to the Mughal era.

Fusion Outfits

Fusion outfits are all the rage these days, and they are a perfect blend of traditional and modern. They are for the contemporary bride, someone who likes to stand out and take risks. The options when it comes to fusion outfits are limitless, and that’s the reason they work so well as bridal outfits.
When choosing jewellery for a fusion outfit, you can go for something more contemporary like a pearl necklace set or an American diamond necklace set. If you want to go the more traditional route with the jewellery you’re wearing, a good Kundan set or a beautiful Meenakari necklace set would look gorgeous with it.

We know that making these decisions for your wedding are stressful, but these are some tips to help you out. Irrespective of what you choose to wear, we know you’ll look like a goddess for your wedding and will stun everyone. In the end, you should be comfortable in what you wear and it should reflect your personal style well. You can pick up these bridal necklace sets and more at Blingvine.

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