Buying a necklace set is always better than only a necklace

Women have always been fascinated with the idea of being a perfectionist. And when it comes to jewellery, how could they lag! Women would spend hours finding the perfect earrings to match their favourite necklace. But we came to an understanding that this quest is never going to end. Until women don't start purchasing necklace sets. A necklace set comprises a necklace and a pair of earrings. This collective function would help you to find a perfect match for your outfit, this way you won't have to keep looking for earrings, and necklaces separately to match your ensemble. It all seems quite daunting right! Well, we have someone for you, who can cater to all your needs, Blingvine necklace sets

The traditions of honouring the family heirlooms and antique jewellery have transcended us through many generations now. These jewellery set designs are passed down from generation to generation to make every new generation understand its value henceforth. Thus, they have high sentimental value. Every necklace set collectively is a mark of great grandeur and royalty too. But as we stepped into the future, we came across such highly-priced jewellery with minimalistic set designs. We discovered that jewellery that was used to enhance the beauty of the wearer was somewhere lost in translation. Moreover wearing highly-priced necklace sets would also come at high risk. Thus, today with the help of new technologies and advancements in fashion jewellery designs, we bring you a whole new range of AAA high-quality imitation jewellery materials, Swarovski crystals, and intricate designs that shook the red carpet with each new season. Blingvine has done it all, they are the first ones to keep up on all the upcoming trending designs at affordable prices for you to check out. Fret no more, Blingvine necklace sets are here to add glitz, glamour, and grandeur to your attire. 

Here are our top favourite picks this week!

  1. The charm that the Choker Necklace Set brings 

One of the best ways to complement a beautiful neckline is with a beautiful choker. This necklace set is an important accessory in wedding attire. From the teens who wish to flaunt lehengas to the woman who is looking at necklace sets that can complement their ensemble of sarees, a choker can be your answer. 

  1. Making of the Meenakari Necklace Set

They are long necklaces, pair them up with a V-neck blouse because they need the length. Made from Jaipuri uncut crystal beads in multi colours, which are interwoven to produce this exotic-looking necklace. Blingvine is here with its most exotic necklace set for a woman of the future, who is still traditional at heart. This necklace set is a prime example of exquisite and fine craftsmanship. Prep your ethnic look with this traditional necklace set. Perfect for festive occasions, this necklace set will complement your attire and show off your unique fashion sense with a hint of elegance and grandeur. Silk saree or lehenga is the way to go with this necklace set. We are sure that you will draw all the attention.

  1. Navratan Necklace for Brides to be

A necklace set so luxuriously that it instantly elevates everything in its path and draws the attention of all. An array of colourful crystals arranged on a sleek crystal string is a game-changer and can turn all talking heads.

There is no way on earth that you won't fall in love with this beauty.

The cascading tone of crystals will leave sunshine on your neckline. Well, what's our opinion about it? We'd say, if you have bling on your mind, go for it. This bridal necklace set goes well with anything, if you have an eye for fashion, you can make it a trendsetter at your party.

  1. Crystal Necklace for millennials

Its minimalistic design is something that the millennials want, It's sleek and sustainable, made with American diamond and Swarovski elements. You can pair it with western gowns or traditional attires, either way, you'll look fabulous. The gemstones in the crystal necklace add warmth to the necklace set. The teardrop earrings with this necklace set are worth checking out. For weddings, corporate parties, and family reunions, this necklace will be an attention grabber wherever it goes. 

  1. Pearl Necklace Set for Perfectionists

The amalgamation of calm and glam or bling and quiet, it is one timeless piece of jewellery. This necklace set is all about class and luxury. Dressed in 18k gold, rose gold, or white gold plating makes this set more special. This pearl necklace set is inspired by the Jaipuri royal jewellery design. 

The necklace set is perfect for weddings and special occasions. Pair it with a chiffon saree to have an elegant royal look. 

Ciao, to all. Hope our blog was helpful to you. Here's our shoutout to Blingvine, who has made it to our itinerary this week, with their exotic collection of Necklace sets.