Best Earring Choices for Oval Shaped Faces

The world of jewellery is far and wide, there are options for everything that surpasses your imagination. However, this is no cause to get overwhelmed when picking things out for yourself. Trust us, we’ve got you. Once you take a case of a few basics and understand the reasoning behind making choices, you can style yourself just as well as an expert. 

We’ll focus on earrings in this blog. We’ll cover what kind you should wear, how to select them and what aesthetic they fulfil. To start with, let’s understand what your face shape is. There are five basic face shapes; round, oval, heart, rectangular and diamond. Why is this important to understand, you may ask? Well, it’s an expert tip, because as soon you understand your face shape, you can pick earrings that suit you exclusively. This will ensure that every single earring you wear will look effortlessly flawless. 

For oval face shape let's look at the key defining features before we dive into the best suited styles. As an oval face shape, your forehead will be slightly wider than your chin and the length of your face will be about one and a half of the width. Your chin is also slightly rounded and you won’t have hard lines. When you’re picking earrings, steer in the opposite direction as those with round faces would. In fact, as an oval shaped face person, most earrings will suit your face very well.

Wide chandeliers 

Typically, chandelier earrings have multiple layers in their design and that accentuates your face shape. Your clean chin and slightly round chin type don’t interfere with the way they fall and rest by your face. Earrings crafted with American diamonds look posh and elegant. White pearl chandelier earrings are another great classy option for those with oval faces. These earrings also naturally elevate your look and outfit and are bound to turn heads anytime you enter a room. 


As an oval face shaped person, your power truly lies in your clean rounded jawline. Wearing studs, and in fact going larger on the studs will look flawless on you. You can go for Venetian Pearls and Swarovski Crystal studs. Not only do these earrings look flawless they are also extremely versatile. They’re perfect for daily office wear and to college and they’re perfect for special occasions like a date night with your partner. The effortlessness of studs is not lost upon your face, in fact it encapsulates it better. You can never go wrong with studs.

Oval Earrings

You would think that having an oval face shape and wearing oval shaped earrings would look underwhelming or clash, but let us stop you right there. An oval shaped face and oval shaped earrings go really well together. They complement each other in a very clean way. What is the best part you ask? It’s that you can also pair it with an oval shaped pendant and it looks elegant and also lifts your entire look. So go for the oval on oval combination and see the effect it has on you and it's bound to make you happy, we’re sure of that. 


Another earring shape that goes really well with an oval face shape is the teardrop shaped earrings. These are earrings with narrow tops and a wider rounded base, almost almond-like. By themselves, teardrop shaped earrings are elegant and sophisticated. Styling them also almost always brings in the same effect. Teardrop shaped earrings complement the rounded lower jaw of your face, so they balance each other out quite well. 

Styling earrings pieces can get slightly challenging when you let the options overwhelm you. However, as soon as you understand the finer nuances that go into styling different pieces on your person, it becomes much easier. Starting from what your face shape is and what your body shape is always a good place to start because it sets you up for success because you’ve put in the time to understand what would suit you the best. Go forth and charm the world with your effortlessness adorning earrings that make you feel gorgeous, confident and beautiful, we’ve got you! If there’s anything we know, it’s that you’ll look gorgeous regardless.