Effortlessly Stylish, Earrings For One Piece Dresses

Aha!! It's that time of the year when everyone is busy attending weddings and parties. While ethnic attire rules wedding ceremonies, western dresses save the day on informal outings and parties. Jeans surely have been loved a lot, but for a bit of a feminine touch they bring, comfortable, airy and chic, dresses are widely popular amongst ladies. Dresses have been ruling the fashion world since the 11th century, receiving immense love and acceptance by women of all ages. Dresses are the epitome of fashion, appropriate for every occasion. Whether it’s a casual stroll, a date, or a party, you can never go wrong with a dress. Over the centuries, the sizes and styles of dresses have evolved, becoming adaptive to fashion trends. You can choose from a wide variety of dresses, from long gowns to micro-dresses, to meet your fashion needs. But the question of which accessory to wear with it hangs heavy in the air.

Accessorising such a versatile piece could be nerve-wracking at times, as the right piece of jewellery can spice up your outfit and the wrong selection could ruin it for you. Jewellery is a conventional way of communicating your own style statement as subtly or as loudly as you want. A showcase of your personality and a convenient way to amp up the whole look. There are many options available for the wonderment to keep going, increasing the pressure to get that perfect look. A timeless piece like a dress should be paired with something as timeless as it is. What could be more appropriate than an earring to accompany your dress? A classic piece of jewellery sitting in every girl’s jewellery box is the perfect choice for any occasion and adds just the right amount of glamour to one-piece dresses. Be it a date, a party, or a meeting, earrings are perfect to pair with outfits of all sizes and patterns. We've gathered a few patterns of trendy earrings for you to pair with your one piece to achieve the best look possible.

Tassel Earrings

The first and foremost choice to pair with a dress is a tassel earring, a trend that has swept the fashion world. A modernisation of classic jewellery patterns, admired by all, means tassels go well with a dress on every occasion. A diverse selection ranging from gold to diamonds to suit every taste, an effortless glamour addition that complements the dress while emphasising the neckline.

Stud Earrings

Despite all their simplicity, the magnificence of stud earrings remains unmatched. Poised, elegant, and fuss-free studs are found in various varieties to serve every fashion need. From pearls to stones to diamonds, studs are ready to turn all the heads. An oversized stud makes a bold statement, while a classic pearl stud completes the minimalist look. Stud earrings, in any size or style, will add a gleaming finish to any outfit while remaining the safest option.

Ear Cuffs

Very similar to studs, cuffs are the latest addition to trendy earrings. For those who want something fresh and attractive, ear cuffs could just be the right choice, ditching the common patterns. Ear cuffs cover the lower bend of the ear and come in a variety of styles, each with intricate designs that give them a unique and promising appearance that is effortless to carry. The majestic appearance of ear cuffs is winning the hearts of ladies.

Hoop Earring

Everyone’s first ever introduction to stylish earrings, a gateway to nostalgia, and one of the most versatile kinds of earrings on one-piece dresses, hoops are easily one of the most loved accessories. Lightweight and stylish hoops do wonders on almost every kind of outfit. Hassle-free and simple hoops are loved by millennials for the impact they add to the face. A gemstone on hoop earrings completes the look perfectly. They are not going out of style for ages, ladies; don’t hesitate while stacking them up.

Shoulder Dusters

Shoulder dusters, as the name suggests, have strings that reach the shoulder bones, drawing attention to the neckline and giving you a red carpet feeling. Dusters add suaveness to the look while keeping it light for you to carry. While it's not something that everyone would wear, wearing one will surely make you stand out.

The best part of earrings is that they never go out of fashion. Earrings on one-piece dresses are a safe and effortless way to jazz up the look. Wearing them anywhere will surely turn heads, keeping the focus on your attire without layering yourself with other pieces. Blingvine makes sure you have everything under one roof, offering a wide range of trendy earrings that can be matched with any outfit.

And if you want to discover more ways to style your earrings, then we have an in-depth earrings style guide just for you. Hope you like it