How To Pair Necklace Sets With Your Sarees

Saree is almost considered as a symbol of womanhood in India. Every type of saree has a unique history that spans several centuries, symbolising Indian tradition and culture as a graceful and alluring piece of apparel. A popular item of clothing for so long proves the country’s unending love affair with the sarees. Every woman loves it and considers it to be one of the most precious ethnic pieces. It is more than just a piece of clothing, it's an expression of power and identity. The phrase "six yards of elegance" is not a misnomer. Sarees give poise and a striking appeal, bringing out your inner goddess. This airy feminine attire has seals of approval from Julia Roberts to Oprah Winfrey. It's a great option for a party, function, work event, or even a date. It’s one of the most fashionable items of apparel due to its adaptability and versatility.
The royal and traditional look of a saree is elevated by choosing an accessory that is as timeless as the saree is, and nothing matches the richness of necklace sets. Necklace sets are a fusion of elegant style and cutting-edge appearances. There is a broad variety of necklace designs for women to choose from that are just as stunning as their sarees. Wide range of necklace sets meet every fashion need, from those who believe ‘less is more’ to those who want to look edgy by adding some spice.
Just like necklace sets, there are numerous options of sarees to choose from. Though generally, it rings true that the more the options, the more the confusion. Well, there are many factors to be considered in order to achieve that ideal look, and fortunately we are here to save you from doing all the hard work. Learn which saree to wear and what necklace to go with it by reading on.

For Weddings - Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Kundan Necklace Set

Silk sarees bring to mind Vidya Balan, whose sarees are unquestionably always a fashion statement. She has wowed those around her and away at numerous events while flaunting a saree, urging us all to follow the footsteps of our mothers and wear a Kanjivaram. Ideal for weddings, rich and vibrant, the Kanjivaram saree is a silk saree originated in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India from where it got its name. They are widely worn with 3/4th sleeved blouses with boat necklines. Golden Kundan necklaces tend to elevate the saree's ethnicity while bringing attention to the lustrous fabric.

For Reception - Bandhani Saree With Meenakari Necklace Set 

Bandhani, a type of tie-dyed fabric with Gujarati origins, is typically made of cotton, nylon, and chiffon. Since bandhanis are generally bright coloured and worn with simple, light-coloured blouses. Its colour commands attention. Since most receptions are held at night, jazzing up your look with Bandhani and a golden meenakari necklace set will make you stand out and look traditional. 

Riwayat Meenakari Necklace Set
Riwayat Meenakari Necklace Set
₹ 4,800

Taking a dig at the most popular and trendy meenakari jewellery, Blingvine is here with another extraordinary Riwayat Meenakari Luxury Necklace Set for our modern women traditional at heart.

This vibrant and colourful traditional style necklace set is an excellent example of exquisite and fine craftsmanship. Set in a long-lasting yellow gold plated base, the jewellery set is dressed in flawless Meenakari work and studded with high-quality Imitation Pearls which adds to the luxury of the necklace. The colourful falling beads are playful yet elegant and make the necklace more cheerful.

Stylist's Notes:

This Meenakari choker set with maang tikka is a perfect piece of jewellery for brides to dress on multiple occasions and ceremonies. You can also wear it on festive occasions like Diwali, Karwa Chauth, Eid etc to add grace and grandeur to your look. Pair it up with a beautiful lehenga or a saree and you're ready to hit the occasion.

What's Included:

  • 1 necklace
  • 1 pair of earrings
  • 1 Maang Teeka


  • High quality Meenakari work 
  • Long Lasting Yellow Gold plating
  • High-quality Imitation Pearls
  • AAA quality Hydro Beads
  • Pachi Kundan detailing
  • High-grade lead and nickel free, copper based environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 7 cms
  • Necklace Length: Adjustable ( Enclosed with an Adjustable Cord/ Dori)
  • Please check the Model photos for size reference

For Party - Chikankari Saree With Pearl Necklace Set 

A 400-year-old saree-making method that comes from Lucknow is the Chikankari. Chikan signifies embroidery, and chikankari is the name of the technique used to create it. It is typically performed on muslin with thread that matches the colour of the saree. A Chikankari saree gives the wearer the freedom to display grace and elegance as delicately as they like. You can get the elegant, regal look you're going for at the party by wearing a pearl necklace. Just enough but not too little. Simply ideal. 

Sunshine Pearl Necklace Set - BlingVine
Sunshine Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 5,400

Inspired by the sun shining on a calm sand beach, this gorgeous necklace set is an amalgamation of elements that make a timeless piece of jewellery

This gorgeous piece is all about class and luxury. The Champagne Yellow Cultured Pearls are spectacularly stunning while the pendant is studded with micro paved clear High Quality Imported American Diamonds. The 18K Rose Gold plating makes this set all the more special. The design is inspired by the Jaipuri Royal Pearl Jewellery.

Stylist’s Notes:

This necklace set is an absolute beauty, perfect for spring weddings. It has a celebratory charm to it that makes it perfect for any special occasion.

It can be a perfect accessory to any traditional outfit. Pair it with a plain chiffon saree for an elegant royal look.

What's Included:

  • 1 necklace
  • 1 pair of stud earrings


  • Cultured Venetian Shell Pearls in Champagne yellow color
  • High Quality Imported American Diamonds
  • 18K Rose Gold Plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 3.2 cm
  • Width of earrings: 3 cm
  • Necklace chain: 40 cm
  • Refer to the last product picture for more details


For Office - Cotton Saree With Beaded Necklace Set 

The best sarees to wear to formal events, like the office, are those made of cotton. Cotton sarees are available in block-printed dark colours and are lightweight and manageable, making them the ideal option for office-going women. Cotton sarees are appropriate for both business and academic contexts. Chokers and layered necklaces may violate the dress code and be uncomfortable to carry for extended periods of time at work. If you pair it with a set of long silver necklace with beads, you can rock your workday without going overboard. 

For A Date - Georgette Saree With Choker Necklace Set 

Georgette is a delicate sort of silk that is used to make light and flowy clothing. Wearing a georgette saree on your date will create a sensual and naturally stunning appearance. You don't want to go overboard, and a choker will prevent you from donning too many accessories, ensuring that your date is entirely fixated on your clothing. A Georgette saree is an ideal option to offer you Kareena Kapoor Khan's alluring appearance from the song Zoobi Doobi

Indigo Crush Choker Set
Indigo Crush Choker Set
₹ 2,800

We can not go through a festive season and not introduce an amazing choker set, so Blingvine is here with yet another classy beads choker set . Indigo Crush Choker set is all about making a statement in a very classy way, the blue beads and Kundan is a timeless combination and you will nothing but fall in love with this lovely piece of art.  

High-quality Jaipuri uncut crystal beads in blue colour are interwoven to produce this to-die-for choker set that is studded with faux-Kundan. The Yellow Gold polish gives it a classic and traditional look.

Stylist's Notes:

Prep up your ethnic look with this trendy yet traditional choker set. Perfect for festive occasions, this set will complement your attire and show off your unique fashion sense. Pair it up Sharara or lehenga or just wear it with a beautiful saree, it is sure to draw all attention. 

What's Included:

  • 1 choker necklace
  • 1 pair of earrings


  • AAA quality Jaipuri uncut crystal beads in indigo blue colour
  • Long-lasting yellow gold polish
  • AAA Uncut Glass Kundan / High Quality Imitation Kundan
  • High-quality inlaid American Diamonds
  • High-grade lead and nickel free, copper-based environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 2 cms
  • Necklace Length: Adjustable ( Enclosed with an Adjustable Cord/ Dori)
  • Please check the Model photos for size reference

It wasn't really that difficult, was it? Necklace sets really are adaptable for any style of clothing. Now that you have a saree for every occasion, you want to have a look at the wide range of necklace designs for women at Blingvine. We are confident that you will discover something that will rekindle your affection for this iconic piece of clothing, the saree.


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