Necklace Sets To Match Different Outfits

What’s worse than selecting a perfect outfit? It’s selecting the perfect jewelry to match it with. Studies show that women spend about 90 whole minutes per week just looking at their closet. That comes as a shock and a little disappointment, doesn’t it? Especially when you spend that long and still struggle to find the perfect earrings or necklaces to pair your outfits with. As good as it might feel to have a closet full of clothes and jewelry, it can easily turn into something dreadful when you have too many options to choose from. You are not the only one to encounter this, women all over the world deal with this almost every day. That’s our cue to step in and make this process hassle free the next time you want to make a striking entry at any event and cast a long-lasting impression. Necklace sets are a must-have for any ensemble, so here’s how you can make an informed decision when you accessorize next and make the most out of your outfit.


Sarees scream elegance as well as tradition and are most suitably paired with necklace sets. Sarees with busier prints can be styled with minimalistic necklaces that accentuate the look and complement the heaviness of the saree such as pearls, delicate crystals or minimalistic gold/silver pendants. Whereas simpler sarees can be paired with fancier ones that can further elevate the entire look. Layered and colorful beaded necklaces or traditional meenakari and kundan work neck pieces are some styles you can bet on in this case.


Shararas are known for their versatility of being a go-to for multiple occasions. For these ever-so-flowy shararas, a choker set that delicately hugs the neck is the best pick to balance the look. Depending on how heavy duty the sharara is, you can choose from a minimalistic choker to a layered or an embroidered choker.

Indigo Crush Choker Set
Indigo Crush Choker Set
₹ 2,800

We can not go through a festive season and not introduce an amazing choker set, so Blingvine is here with yet another classy beads choker set . Indigo Crush Choker set is all about making a statement in a very classy way, the blue beads and Kundan is a timeless combination and you will nothing but fall in love with this lovely piece of art.  

High-quality Jaipuri uncut crystal beads in blue colour are interwoven to produce this to-die-for choker set that is studded with faux-Kundan. The Yellow Gold polish gives it a classic and traditional look.

Stylist's Notes:

Prep up your ethnic look with this trendy yet traditional choker set. Perfect for festive occasions, this set will complement your attire and show off your unique fashion sense. Pair it up Sharara or lehenga or just wear it with a beautiful saree, it is sure to draw all attention. 

What's Included:

  • 1 choker necklace
  • 1 pair of earrings


  • AAA quality Jaipuri uncut crystal beads in indigo blue colour
  • Long-lasting yellow gold polish
  • AAA Uncut Glass Kundan / High Quality Imitation Kundan
  • High-quality inlaid American Diamonds
  • High-grade lead and nickel free, copper-based environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 2 cms
  • Necklace Length: Adjustable ( Enclosed with an Adjustable Cord/ Dori)
  • Please check the Model photos for size reference


When you opt for a pair of jeans, you have opted for something casual. This gives you a little leeway to make your statement with what you choose to match it with. Style your favorite denims with fashion jewelry and extend its style quotient. Add a touch of elegance with basic gold chain necklace sets or make a bold statement with the bigger colorful stones.

Cleopatra Crystal Necklace Set - Blingvine
Cleopatra Necklace Set
₹ 4,800

Geometric design marries urban elegance and modernity in this once-in-a-million Cleopatra Necklace set. With its geometric facets meticulously crafted with hours of meticulous craftsmanship, the Cleopatra Necklace Set embodies style, sophistication, and glamour.

Stylist’s Notes:

You are going to love this marvelous necklace set that is the perfect combination of style, modernity, and glamor. The geometric design is classy yet youthful; gorgeous design with an infusion of the contemporary style elements.


What's Included:

  • 1 pair of Earrings
  • 1 necklace


  • Colored AAA Austrian crystals
  • Crystal Clear Italian Crystals
  • German Rhodium polish
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Necklace chain length: 41 cm
  • Length of Earrings: 3.5 cm
  • Please refer to model photos for size reference


The word kurti by itself has so many moods as it is a very multipurpose piece of clothing. While the casual kurtis are perfect for cafes or office wear, the dressier ones can be worn during the bigger events or festivals. This leaves a huge scope for experimentation when it comes to pairing it with a necklace set. Kurtis which are heavy on the prints or colors can be paired with colorful necklaces to match that vibe. American diamond jewelry is also a great pick as it compliments most women and gives a feminine look.

Aria Necklace Set - BlingVine
Aria Necklace Set
₹ 3,800

This beautiful necklace set looks like it is crafted by the heavens; with the beautiful petal motif crafted over the 18K Rose gold plated frame that ends into a big gorgeous shell pearl. The pink petal is painted with exquisite enamel work to give a glorifying finish to these earrings. 

Stylish Notes: 

Oh my God! What can you not pair it with? It can be adorned with a summer dress to give you that extra pop of freshness. Wear it to wedding, to date, to a beach party or a brunch with friends; it will be suitable for every occasion.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of earrings
  • 1 necklace set


  • High quality White and Pink enamel work
  • 18K rose gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 35 mm
  • Width of earrings: 12 mm
  • Necklace chain: 410mm + 50mm extendable chain


Gowns make women feel nothing less than a princess and it’s crucial to accessorize them with the right jewelry to keep that look alive. Jewelry can make or break a look, and more so when it comes to heavily embroidered gowns. Wearing a gown can help you achieve more than half of the look but pairing it with the right necklace set will change the entire dynamic. Some of our recommendations that are also globally validated would be the rhinestone necklaces, American diamond jewelry and necklaces with gemstones that can highly elevate the look. These pieces will add a touch of shine, glamour and help you look the most flattering you possibly can!

Ariana Necklace Set
Ariana Necklace Set
₹ 5,200

Product Information

Magnificently majestic in appearance, the Ariana Necklace set is finely put to pieces with AAA Austrian crystals and gorgeous Swarovski elements. The necklace set also finds itself to be polished with top quality German rhodium polish, allowing it be as sweet, sparkly and blingy as it actually is. 

Stylist Notes

Style the stunning new Ariana Necklace Set with a black shiny gown or a dark organza saree for that royal princess look. One can also pair it with straight denims, boxy top and flats for a casual get- together with their buddies or coffee with colleagues.


What's Included:

  • 1 pair long studs
  • 1 necklace


  • AAA Austrian crystals
  • Swarovski elements
  • German Rhodium polish
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Earring length: 8 cm
  • Necklace chain : 40 cm
  • Please refer to the model images for size reference

Little Black Dress

Wearing a little black dress (LBD) may ensure that your dress game is on point but if you intend on taking a step further, it’s only the necklace sets that make the cut. An LBD, being a timeless classic, will always have an advantage over the others. Pair it up with diamond studded necklace set and don’t be surprised if you watch some heads turn as you walk by. Darker gemstones are another great choice that will make you steal the show. Ultimately, gold and silver plated necklaces are something you can never go wrong with and easily achieve the desired look.


Lehengas instantly paint a picture of the most ethnic Indian ensemble in our minds. The flared skirt appliqued with intricate designs, embroideries, golden and silver threads is every womans dream. While some get drawn to the more heavily embellished lehengas, there are women who gravitate towards the lightweight ones too. Depending on what your pick is based on the occasion, a necklace set can help you intensify the look. For the simpler lehengas with minimalistic work, the subtle neck pieces would be the perfect choice. However, for the heavier ones, choker sets with embroidered jewels or minakari work will work the best.

Red Carpet Luxury Necklace Set
Red Carpet Luxury Necklace Set
₹ 4,000

This charming set is inspired by the old school Hollywood glamor, when the beauty was about pinned up curls and red lipstick, about the feminine sexuality and the spotless prettiness!

This splendid jewelry piece is beautifully constructed with Swarovski elements and AAA Austrian Crystals. The classy victorian design and rhodium plating gives this stunning piece of art a vintage vibe.

Stylist’s Notes:

This necklace set is nothing less than an extravaganza. Shiny and elaborate, it is a perfect special occasion design which you want to flaunt again and again.

It is a perfect accessory for any special occasion that demands something more than ordinary, because Hollywood is special and so are the people who can carry it off!

What's Included:

  • 1 necklace
  • 1 pair of dangling earrings


  • High quality AAA Austrian Crystals
  • Starcut American Diamonds
  • Swarovski Elements
  • High Quality Rhodium Plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 5 cm
  • Necklace chain: 40 cm
  • Please refer to model images for sizing reference

As much effect as an outfit can have, your jewelry has almost an equal one. Taking into consideration the outfit that you will be wearing can make a huge impact on the onlookers.

Whether it’s a dress that you choose to wear or a saree, a necklace set will help you complete the look. Check out some of our necklace sets to scale up your attire.