Necklace Sets For Your Kurtis

Indian tradition for the daily routine is all about simplicity, and elegance. Kurti is the quintessential blend of beauty, clarity, and grace. Indian tradition has some significant dressing fashion be it saree, kurti or any other traditional wear. They are a part of regular dressing of an individual and have been growing in popularity, flourishing as an elegant wear since centuries. Often, they’re accessorised with neck pieces, jhumkas, rings and bangles, etc.

Accessorising with Kurtis

Kurtis are often accessorised with jhumkas, necklace sets, bangles, and rings. Since necklaces sets include earrings and a neck piece, they can be used as your go to element on any occasion to compliment your favourite kurtis. Jhumkas are preferable with kurtis of any design. They are known for giving an authentic look to any outfit.

Necklace sets

Neck pieces with matching earring pairs are an easy go to option. They are simple ways of adornment that enhance your complete look. Kurti give a very pleasant, graceful and traditional look and are worn on any occasion including casual, formal, etc. Going with something of a traditional look will help you alot. Necklace sets can be your perfect go to. Especially ones that come with elegant jhumkas and beautiful necklace sets. The necklace type may or may not be essentially a heavy one - it varies as per the type of kurti worn. Kurtis have some major and distinct varieties like the A-line, Angrakha, Anarkalis, etc. Let’s learn which type of neck pieces compliments which pattern.

With the numerous patterns of clothing come numerous patterns of jewelleries. Necklaces sets stands out when it comes to creating an appalling look. They tend to shower richness and elegance to your attire.. Necklace sets have a vivid range like chokers, pendant sets, chain necklaces, matinee, multi bead, and so on.

A-line Kurtis

These are the most picked and casual patterns of kurtis. You can wear them with a nice, simple and minimalist chain necklace set. The set may even include petite jhumkas. Pendant necklaces will also work. Besides looking at the design and colour pearl sets are also a good option. We also have in-depth guide on necklace styling for different outfits and occasion.

Angarakh Kurtis

Angrakha types are another beautiful fashion of dressing. They are tied or stitched to give you a royal look. Trending nowadays, this type is often seen as a preferable one by bollywood celebrities. They are often accessorised with choker sets and jhumkas. Since the angrakha kurtis are deep necked, something that adorns the neck adds value to the total outfit.

Indo-Western Style Kurtis

Depending on what exactly the pattern showcases, you can choose a bead necklace set or collar necklace giving it an indo-western look.

Anarkali Kurtis

Anarkalis are the most elegant and traditional looking form of kurti. They give a traditional look when worn with a necklace set. Chain necklace set, pendant set, collar and occasionally chokers would also look great with the attire.

These are just a few examples of kurtis and types of necklace sets that will make your OOTD. 

Kurtis have been a part of regular dressing for any Indian. They carry grace and elevate your dressing sense. Kurtis can be considered as the most easy option on any event. One most common and regular worn item is a neck piece which primarily elevates your fashion. Different sorts of neck pieces compliment different sorts of kurti styles. Every pattern of kurti is unique in its sense where necklace sets add value and give a style statement to it. Choose what makes you comfortable yet matches the design overall. Above mentioned are the suggestions: choose what you love and go for it!