Necklace Sets For The Little Black Dress

"I have too much black in my wardrobe!" said no woman ever. Black is not just a colour, it’s a statement. It has been considered the go-to colour of choice for a long time now. However, it was initially awash in the fashion world as the colour of mourning, worn only under particular circumstances.

It was far from securing its coveted place in women’s wardrobes. In an era when only bright colours were considered fashionable and fancy, Vogue magazine featured Coco Chanel’s "Little Black Dress" in the 1920s, unleashing the long reign of this timeless fashion staple. The cover showed a drawing of a woman in a long-sleeved black dress posing in pearls. The "little black dress," or LBD, is widely regarded as the invention that revolutionised fashion.

When the classic Ford was only available in black, a quote attributed to Henry Ford about the love of black goes something like this: "You can have any colour as long as it's black". This prompted the magazine to name the dress as "The Ford", referring to the popular car model at the time. Black dresses found a permanent home in women’s wardrobes after one of the world’s most beloved actresses, Audrey Hepburn, wore a satin black dress designed by Givenchy in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Coming out of a yellow cab, dressed in a black satin gown with a layered pearl necklace, holding her coffee and croissant, Hepburn gave us one of the most influential dresses in twentieth-century fashion history. LBDs have become an irreplaceable piece of clothing ever since.

Plain and simple, lightly textured, and modest, the LBD is one of the few garments to have inspired designers and appealed to people at such lengths. The versatility of the LBD has helped it reserve its place for every occasion. Available in numerous designs, the LBD requires minimal accessories to shine. Just as Audery has inspired us all, pairing it with a necklace set enhances its beauty to another level since it pairs well with most outfits. Read along to learn more about necklace sets for your LBD.

Beaded Pearl Necklace Set

Of course, the classic Audrey look had to be the first one to make it to the list. The ever-elegant and fashionable pearls and your black dress are a match made in heaven. A pearl necklace for girls can never be the wrong choice. Layer it if you want to aim for a slightly more glamorous look.

Diamond Necklace Set

Diamonds are the best choice when you want to spice up a simple black dress with a touch of glamour. Without much thought, diamond necklaces for women are the go-to accessory. A choker diamond set makes you look strong and powerful without overdoing it. Be it a party, a date, or any other social event, a black dress paired with a diamond necklace set will make a bold statement.

Contemporary Gold- & silver-Plated Necklace Set

A simple set of jewellery that you will undoubtedly want to show off, a sophisticated combination of gold and silver plating, adding effortless class to your look, is the ideal choice for those who believe that less is more while also staying on top of fashion trends. A contemporary necklace set is modern, minimal, and yes, charming. Putting on one finely crafted contemporary necklace set helps you achieve the chic look that you are aiming for.

Pendant Necklace Set

Want to wear a black dress to a formal event? Not sure what to wear with it without going all out? Well, a simple pendant necklace set is your knight in shining armour. Choose a silver pendant necklace for girls with a simple stud earring, easy to carry for long hours without deviating from the dress code. There! You just landed the powerful look to rock the corporate world.

If you want to learn more about necklace styling in detail, we have an in-depth necklace style guide just for you. It will help you slay your necklace game!

Colourful Crystal Necklace Set

Looking for anything but basic? Then adding a little bit of colour does no harm. Look edgy and rebellious without overburdening yourself with accessories. If you are someone who can handle the attention that colours add to the look, go for a vibrantly coloured crystal necklace set. From maroon to turquoise, you have countless options to choose from.

Adorned by celebrities like Marylin Monroe and Princess Diana, a very versatile black coloured outfit can be worn with or without any jewellery. Though adding just a piece of jewellery will take your look from basic to bold, making wearing your beloved LBD a little bit more fun and exciting. An ageless fashion trend, a symbol of sophistication, and a fashion statement itself, there are plenty of necklace sets for women to choose from in the extensive range Blingvine offers. Take a look at it and also read our detailed article on how to coordinate these necklace sets with any type of outfit.