Level Up Your Vacation Looks With Some Pearl Jewellery

Elegance, grace, and refinement, no other jewel symbolises these timeless qualities more than the pearl. Pearl jewellery is the perfect fit almost any setting. Now that the holidays are peeking around the corner, pearl jewellery can be the perfect companion to your vacation wardrobe.

White pearl symbolises purity and refinement. It is the perfect complement to the chilly winter air. The right pearl jewellery can elevate your look from simple to gorgeous. Blingvine’s pearl collection has everything you will need to pair with your winter outfits and look effortlessly beautiful.

What Can You Pair Pearl Jewellery With?

The unique thing about pearl jewellery is that you can pair it with both formal and informal outfits. Whether you are travelling for a wedding or an office trip, the right pearl necklace set can elevate your look. Let us take a look at some of the styles you can pair pearl with:

Formal Styles

Pearl is the best addition to all kinds of formalwear. You can pair Indian as well as Western formal outfits with mother of pearl jewellery. Bracelets and earrings by Blingvine can give you an effortlessly stylish look. Opera necklaces can be paired with formal outfits to give an aura of culture and refinement.

For business formals, you can pair a single-strand necklace with your outfit to give yourself that dash of refinement. Matinee necklaces work great in business settings. Pearls stand for luxury and wealth, which can make a powerful statement in such settings.

Casual Styles

Contrary to popular opinion, pearl jewellery can also be worn on occasions that demand casual outfits. The right pearl necklace set can look gorgeous if paired with semi-casual wear such as lehengas.

For everyday styles, a pearl pendant or pearl drop earrings will compliment your look beautifully. As long as all the visual elements of your ensemble look aligned, you are good to go!

If you're looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in pearl jewelry, we've got you covered. Our in-depth study covers all the latest trends in pearl jewelry, giving you the inside scoop on what's hot and what's not. Check it out to learn more about the latest pearl jewelry trends.

How to Take Care of Your Pearl Jewellery on Vacations?

Why leave your favourite mother of pearl jewellery at home? Take your pearls with you on your vacations and turn heads everywhere you go. Here are some tips on taking care of your pearl jewellery while you are on vacation.

Get a Jewellery Box for Your Pearls

It is not advisable to leave your pearl jewellery out in the open. You should invest in a flat-bottomed cushioned jewellery box. If a pearl necklace set is hung for a long time, it may lose its shape. A cushioned jewellery box will keep your pearls from getting lost during the trip and will also protect them from damage.

Do Not Expose Pearls to the Sun for Too Long

Pearls contain moisture, and if you are travelling to dry places then they may get dehydrated if they are exposed to the sun for long periods. This can damage the pearl, rendering it discoloured.

If you are going to be out in the sun for a long time, you can add a wide hat to your ensemble, so that the jewellery you are wearing is not directly exposed to the sun.

Keep Your Pearls Away From Hard Surfaces

Pearls are delicate and can get scratched if they come into rough contact with hard surfaces. This is why you should always pair your pearl jewellery with soft fabrics and store it only in cushioned jewellery boxes.

Make Sure to Not Let Pearls Come into Contact with Water

Many people make the mistake of cleaning their pearl necklace set with water. Water can damage the pearl beads, and turn them greenish in colour. Sweat can also discolour the pearl beads, which is why you should clean your jewellery every time after wearing it. Use soft cotton to clean the pearls gently and store them in a dry, cool place.

Similarly, if your vacation resort has a swimming pool, make sure to never take your mother of pearl jewellery there since the chemicals added to the water can cause serious damage to them.

Be Wary of Beauty Products

When you travel, it is natural to style your hair or put on makeup to look your best. However, not all cosmetic products are beneficial to your pearl jewellery. Sunscreens, lotions, and makeup accessories can damage your pearls if they come into contact with each other. This is why you should always put on your pearl jewellery at the end when you have already dressed up and gotten ready for your day/night out. It is not advisable to put your makeup and beauty products on while wearing pearls.

There’s no reason why you cannot take your gorgeous pearl jewellery out with you on your vacation. They're highly versatile and can be worn no matter where you go. As long as you keep these in mind and handle your pearls well, you will certainly be the belle of the ball everywhere you go. Check out the latest pearl designs at Blingvine, and take your pick!