Matching Jewellery for Your Saree Colour

Matching Jewellery for Your Saree Colour

Whether you are aware of it or not, the moment you adorn a saree and walk out of your home, you’re making a statement of who you are. A good combination of your saree and jewellery is crucial for success.

When you put on a saree, colour is one of the most important aspects of your entire outfit. Poor choice of colour can draw unnecessary attention to flaws, whereas good coordination of your jewellery and saree can help you look sensational.  Fashion is about colour and how you use it in your saree and jewellery. Most jewellery does not require fine attention and coordination, but if you really want to dress to impress, you must be meticulous with your saree jewellery.

Here are a few tips to help you match your jewellery with your saree colour.


Before we dive in into what coloured sarees look good with what kind of jewellery, we need to glance over the basics. The primary colours, namely red, blue, and yellow are the building blocks for any colour. With your saree, there is a high probability that one of these colours is a primary and a foundation for other colour combinations.

These primary colours should be carefully coordinated with a secondary colour to bring the best out of your saree. What you want to essentially do is look at the overall colour of your saree and use that as a starting point to review your secondary colours in the ensemble.


Ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrines, and amethyst shaded gemstones have a prominent essence and allure that can be easily added to your flair and demeanour. These red to gold tones look best next to cool colours such as blues to purples. For example, a beautiful citrine necklace goes very well with a purple blouse or a blue shaded saree. These gemstones also look fantastic with sarees that have borders of heavy crystal work as well.

Similarly, gemstones with cool colours such as blues, greens, and purples look exceptional with shades including yellow, orange, and red. Blue gemstones also work particularly well with blue, navy, and yellow sarees. You can pair these saree colours with necklaces that have a sapphire pendant, or studs with a topaz-shaded crystal.

Gold jewellery works particularly well with sarees that have yellowish shades in their borders. Paithani is a prime example of this category. However, gold jewellery doesn’t just look marvellous with such sarees but also work beautifully with black sarees and white sarees. Golden jewellery pairs remarkable well with warm colours such as reds, yellows, and maroons as well.

Silver, diamond, and platinum jewellery work well with almost everything and are known to give the wearer a royal and illustrious look. That said they pop out best with cooler shades. They work equally well with black sarees and sarees that flaunt a black blouse.

Pearl jewellery is as versatile as any piece of jewellery can get. They go well with all styles and colours. Pearls also look inordinately beautiful paired with dark-shaded silk sarees. Pearl sets are perfect if you want to accessorise a saree that is already busy with colours.

With all that cleared up, here are some popular combinations you could use to match your jewellery with your saree colour:

  • Blue and Green Sarees: White Pearls
  • Purple Sarees: Go with citrine, gold-tone jewellery & even green emeralds
  • Red Sarees: Go with emerald jewellery
  • Black Sarees Go with any colour. Silver and Diamonds look exceptionally good as well
  • Neutral Sarees: Go with diamonds and dark shaded jewellery
  • All outfits go well with diamonds and clear crystals!

While colours and fashion change seasonally, we at Blingvine are here to help you coordinate the right colours for the perfect saree and occasion.

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