Necklace Sets to Liven Up Your Workplace Environment

Offices can have a monotonous environment. Add to that the stress of the job and you have a pretty dull workplace experience. Why not liven up the atmosphere, as well as your mood by adorning a necklace set? After all, an appreciated attire can boost your confidence, which in turn, can uplift your overall mood. Further proving that necklace sets are suitable for various occasions.

It is recommended for an office appropriate necklace set to be comfortable to wear for long hours of the day. Moreover, it should have a professional look rather than a glittery, distracting one.

It can surely be tricky to find the right necklace sets for the office since it is a fine line that separates the office-appropriate from the unprofessional. Knowing this, we, here at Blingvine, have picked out some necklace sets suitable for the workplace environment:

Soulmates Necklace Set

This artistic set of sophisticated jewellery is a fantastic choice for your office. It portrays the strength required to survive in the cut-thought competition of the workplace environment, along with the compassionate nature of the wearer. Long lasting and aesthetically pleasing, this set is a must-have.

Mallika Necklace Set

This intricately designed set oozes regal grace. The luxurious ruby red crystals convey a sense of passion and grandeur, perfect for an empowered, yet delicate look for the office. Long-lasting and comfortable to wear throughout the day, this set is suitable for creating a strong impression in your office. 

Enchanted Necklace Set

The perfect amalgamation of glamour and practicality, this necklace set is the ideal choice for office jewellery. Its lightweight nature makes it one of the most comfortable sets in our collection. You can go all day in the temperate Indian climate while wearing this long-lasting set. Moreover, its simplicity and intricate design give it a fineness of a classic set of jewellery. 

We have also covered styling tips for your necklace set in our in-depth necklace style guide.

Spring Goddess Neckless Set

Versatile in nature, this neckless set is a perfect match for the everyday working woman. The realistically crafted leaves paired with the high-quality crystals make this set a highly versatile one - suitable for almost any event, from casual to formal occasions. Hence, it's one that'll suit your look whether it's a casual workspace or a strictly formal one. A similar alternative is the Izra Necklace Set.

Anastasia Necklace Set

The gentle elegance of this necklace set is suitable for adding a subtle pop of colour to your workplace outfit. Compatible with traditional and western wear, this is an everyday piece that shines in formal and casual spaces alike. 

Anastasia Luxury Necklace Set
Anastasia Luxury Necklace Set
₹ 4,800

Luxury is not about flashy colors or being overdressed. It is about feeling confident and chic in what you are wearing. Luxury is about quality, not quantity. This is why we love the Anastasia Luxury Crystal Necklace Set. The peach color is perfect for a formal event, and the high quality crystals give you a red carpet look without being too over the top.

Stylists' Notes:

The necklace is versatile enough to be worn with both a casual outfit and a more formal gown. Whether you are attending a black-tie affair or simply want to add a touch of luxury to your wedding style, this Blingvine Luxury Crystal Necklace Set is a great choice.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of earrings
  • 1 necklace

Made of:

  • AAA Austrian crystals in Peach Color
  • Crystals from Swarovski
  • German Rhodium polish
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of Earrings: 6 cm
  • Necklace chain : 40 cms + 5cm Extension chain
  • 1 complimentary drawstring/dori for making the  necklace length longer
  • Please see the model photo for sizing reference

Eloise Statement Necklace Set

For semi-formal office atmosphere, this bold necklace set is sure to shine a spotlight on you. The multicolour, funky design will brighten up your look and compliment your lively nature. It the perfect set for the fun-loving, charming working women. 

Dressing up for the office doesn't have to be boring or unchanging. You can definitely show your personal style in your workplace as long as you choose an appropriate attire. Just adding a suitable necklace set to your everyday office outfits can elevate your look. Check out some more necklace sets and pick the right one to add to your office wear!