How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Every Occasion

Necklaces are a part of any attire that instantly lights up your game. Trust us, whatever the occasion may be, there is a perfect necklace for it that exists in the world. Necklaces can give any vibe you’re looking for- a simple, delicate look or a powerful boss look. To style any piece of jewellery, you need to keep in mind the occasion, the theme or aesthetic, and what is required of you at it. This thought process will help you streamline your decision in selecting pieces that are most appropriate and beautiful.

Indian wedding

For an Indian wedding, we recommend keeping it classic. You can try different kinds of necklaces for women or necklace sets, such as one adorned with pearls or a choker set. These usually go well with Indian attire and elevate the look to sophistication and class. There are multiple events at an Indian wedding, you have the liberty of experimenting and trying out every kind of necklace you have your eyes on. 

Office party 

Typically, for an office party, you have to find the right balance between a piece that could be very formal and to the one that shows just the right amount of personality. You could opt for a piece like the Milky Way Necklace Set from Blingvine. It’s got the right amount of charm that will accompany your evening. 


To shine a necklace set in the office, we recommend something that is long lasting and is comfortable for almost daily wear. You want these necklaces to be unobtrusive and something that packs a punch. Something like the Vineesha Pendant Set or the Ira Pendant Set from Blingvine would be simple yet elegant options to wear to the office. 

Family function

As a part of our Indianness, we are privy to a lot of family functions all year around. We are a people who enjoy celebrating and getting together for occasions like naming a child to Rakshabandhan. For these family functions, we recommended necklaces that add the right amount of bling and sparkle. Truly, these are occasions that you can either experiment with or go all out with yout necklace sets, afterall, you’re in the company of your family. 

Red carpet event 

Not all occasions are small and private. For occasions like a red carpet event, we recommend going with beautifully crafted pieces that not only make you look like the goddess you are but also photograph well. You want to focus on pieces that completely elevate your look and transform your look. 

Formal dinner

While formal dinners can be a little hard to dress for, in terms of necklaces, we recommend going for a necklace set instead of just a necklace. A necklace set will completely tie in your look to make it more sophisticated. A piece like the Adaa Luxury Crystal Necklace Set from Blingvine is a wonderfully delicate and charming option to consider. 

Outstation conference

As a working woman or girl in the 21st century, travelling for work is an evitable reality for work. If you ever find yourself attending a conference outstation and are confused about the jewellery to wear, don’t worry, we got you. You may want to look more polished since you’ll meet a lot of contemporaries and competitors. The Elegance Necklace Set or the Freya Necklace Set are versatile options that you can consider. They carry the elegance befitting royalty. 


Some dates do call for the best jewellery out there. You may be celebrating an anniversary or just treating your partner to some gold old fashioned fancy dinner. For dates, we recommend jewellery that brings out the best in you. You can consider the Ariana Necklace Set as it exudes charm through every orifice. 

Casual outing 

Your jewellery choices will solely depend on the event and occasion. Not everything requires the fanciest piece out there. So for your casual outings, we recommend keeping it light and breezy. We recommend opting for pieces that are high quality, maybe even gold-plated since you may have an active day. You can even wear simple necklaces everyday, as long as they're comfortable for you.

Ultimately, the beauty of every jewellery piece rests on the hands, ears and necks that adorn them. As long as you’re confident about your choices and are comfortable in them, you have nothing else to worry about. With necklaces and necklace sets, you want to carefully select pieces that suit the occasion and your outfit. Every necklace tells the story that you want it to and you will look amazing while doing so.

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