Best Necklace Sets for a Casual Outing

Dressing up for casual outings can be tricky because neither do you want to look overdressed nor do you want to look like you haven’t tried. It’s a fine line that can be mastered and once you do, there’s not going to be anyone better dressed and accessorised than you. There is a particular charm in looking like you’re just effortlessly styled for any casual outing.

Just like many other occasions, the most elegant solution to boosting your look for casual outings is by adding a necklace set to your look. Before we get into that, let’s first look at what casual outings can look like. A casual outing could be a brunch or lunch date with your girlfriends, or a breakfast picnic at a park, or it could be a shopping trip with your family. It could also be an informal team dinner after work or a day spent with your nieces and nephews. So really, these events are flexible and hold strong influence in experimenting with your own personal style.

Here are our recommendations of the best necklace sets you can wear at your next casual outing:


Picnics are fun and they are the best way to start your day, if you ask us. You can style your picnic outfit with a dainty gold plated necklace set, giving you a full cottage core aesthetic. You can also style your outfit with dangler earrings or something more quirky made of enamel.


To perfect the cafe aesthetic, we recommend styling gold plated necklace layered with a pearl necklace. The cafe aesthetic is clean and funky, so you can also explore dainty necklace sets. You can also style a pendant set if you’re feeling like a minimal look will do.


For the museum, you can take full inspiration from the pristine nature of the place and explore more sophisticated necklaces sets, like a pearl choker or an crystal choker set. You can also layer multiple necklace sets to give a more edgy look. 


For movie outings, depending on the time of the day, you can style your favourite necklace sets. You can keep it simple with an enamel necklace set or you can opt for a gold plated necklace set. These are perfect, casual and have a comfortable gti without taking away from the style of your outfit. 

Team Lunch

Every once in a while, there are team lunches that you may have to attend. For these lunches, we recommend opting for a gold plated necklace set that makes you look chic and elegant. For a more upscale look, you can also explore a necklace set made of American diamonds and Swarovski crystals. 

Long drives 

For long drives with friends, family or partner, we recommend opting for a princess length necklace set. This could be made of pearls or enamel plating. You can also keep it simple with dainty, gold plated minimal necklace sets. The aesthetic for long drives is to keep it simple and effortless. 

Game night 

Sure game nights come with the high competition and close calls, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up for it. You can opt for a gold plated necklace set with matching earrings. You can really get into your choice necklace sets keeping in mind the outfit you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a kurti, you can take more liberties with vibrant necklace sets. 


For a day filled with art activities we know it’ll get messy and fun in the best way possible. You can tap into the art aesthetic and choose more edgy and geometric necklace sets. You can also get more experimental than you would otherwise by pairing two different necklace sets together- wear different earrings for a more bohemian look. 

For casual outings, we recommend keeping your accessories also casual. You can have fun with them, experiment with them and ensure that you pick pieces that are easy and comfortable to wear. You can always mix and match your necklace sets for a more edgy and chic look. Necklace sets are lifesavers of any outfit in that they just add another dimension to your look and they complete your look. There is unparalleled joy in experimenting endlessly before you stumble upon your favourite jewellery pieces that you feel absolutely amazing in.

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