Necklace For Saree: Add Statement To Your Style

Necklace For Saree: Add Statement To Your Style

Make a Statement with the Perfect Necklace for Your Saree

Saree is six yards of elegance draped around the body. Over the years, saree has gained popularity around the world. Saree or sari, is an integral part of Indian culture. Here, women's wardrobes are incomplete without this traditional attire. Saree is an unstitched fabric draped around the waist with a loose end over head or shoulder. Modern women also choose to wear it with jeans at times. Worn in any way, this ancient attire looks feminine and fashionable.

Choosing the right jewellery is a critical job. Accessories hold the power of enhancing the beauty of the attire. Necklaces add dimension to the face keeping the outfit in the centre. Noticeable and effortless, a necklace is the perfect choice for saree. It complements the femininity of the saree in the most subtle ways.

Types of necklaces to wear with saree

Plain, printed or embroidered - saree comes in a wide variety. Colourful fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk are used in a saree. One needs to be mindful of the print and fabric of the saree while choosing a necklace. From traditional choker necklace to pearl necklace many options are available online to choose from. Here are a few that are suitable to wear with a saree.

Choker necklace for saree

Worn tight around the neck, the choker necklace is the shortest of all. Made with a thick row of beads, diamonds or stones, choker necklace is a suitable choice for saree of any pattern. Enhancing the beauty of traditional attires, Choker necklace is considered a great choice for lehenga as well.

Long necklace for saree

Opposite of the choker necklace, a long necklace is suspended loose around the neck. Traditional south Indian jewellery, long necklace has thick gold chain with intricate designs. A large pendant in the middle adds to the beauty of the necklace. Choosing a long necklace for saree is a safe way of accessorising. Layer it up with a choker for a more dressy appearance or wear a single strand long necklace for a simple look. Either way, it looks beautiful.

Simple necklace for saree

Simple necklace has a thick gold or silver cord decorated with a leafy or flowery design. For saree, a collar length simple necklace is a go to choice of generations. Simple necklaces are popular to wear for social events. Worn with a bright coloured saree, simple necklace looks effortless and attractive. The simplicity of the necklace enhances the pattern of the saree.

Modern simple necklace for saree

Today's women prefer a modern simple necklace for saree. Eliminating the thick cord and designs, modern simple necklaces have minimal but unique designs. A simple chain with a bold pendant or a leaf branch are popular modern simple necklace designs. Subtle and fashionable, they are perfect for events and parties.

Beads necklace for saree

Those who don't like the glitter of metal, beads are a perfect companion. Made with beads weaved together, colourful beads necklaces come in various sizes. Want to choose beads necklace for saree? you are going the right way! For a light coloured plain saree, dark beads necklace will look bold and beautiful. Just like you!

Pearl necklace for saree

Grace of a pearl necklace is undeniable. Royals have been choosing pearl necklace for saree for a long time. Pearls are classy and minimal. Pearls weaved together on a thread worn around the collar bone is a universal way of wearing pearls. Any colour and pattern looks class apart when worn with pearls. You can never go wrong with pearls. Weddings, parties, dates, office - wear your pearl necklace with a saree and you are good to go.

Style necklace on a saree for different occasions

Saree is a versatile piece of clothing. From formal events to weddings, saree looks perfect on every occasion. However, styling the necklace with it differs with occasions. The key is to strike balance between both saree and necklace. Here are a few ideas for you to rock this traditional attire.

Weddings - Wear a saree with some intricate patterns and pair it with a choker. The glitter of a choker decorated with kundan or diamonds is perfect for such social events.

Festivities - Go for an embroidered saree with a long gold necklace. It is comfortable and highlights embroidery designs.  

Party - Party and pearls are a match made in heaven. A chiffon saree of light colour with zari borders looks regal when paired with pearls.

Office - Pair a simple chain and a small pendant with a light coloured cotton saree in the office. Cotton is comfortable to wear for long work hours and it doesn't look flashy. Perfect for the corporate dress code.

Wearing a saree for any event will look beautiful when paired with the right kind of necklace. Choose a necklace that complements the colour of a saree in the best possible way.

Learn more about styling necklace from our in-depth style guide.

How to take care of a necklace

Necklace is the longest of the ornaments and requires attention. Keeping it at home needs proper storage and cleaning for its long life span. Here a few ground rules to keep in mind:

Storage - Invest in jewellery boxes. If you don't want boxes, wrap each necklace in velvet cloth separately and store it in a cold place. 

Cleaning - Necklaces are delicate with detailed designs. Brushing with harsh equipment can damage them. At regular intervals, wash gently with a mild washing liquid and warm water. Don't forget to wipe with a soft cloth in the end. Go to a jeweller for polishing and cleansing.

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