What Necklace Should You Pair With A Turtleneck?

Turtlenecks are timeless and a part of every woman’s closet. They’re elegant, classy and versatile. They make the perfect outfit for both formal and informal events. While turtlenecks are a great piece to own and wear, styling it might be challenging sometimes.

Choosing the right necklace with your turtleneck can take ages and experimentation. Your necklace shouldn't fight with the neck of the turtleneck, and should work to fill the empty space between your neck and waist. We’ve got something for everyone, and if you’re confused on how to style your turtleneck, read on. 

Collar Necklace

    Collar necklaces, as the name suggests, lie on the collarbone and are shorter necklaces. They are the perfect necklaces to pair with a turtleneck as they place emphasis on the neck of the clothing, adding more dimension to your look on the whole. A gold plated collar necklace is one piece you must have if you wear a lot of turtlenecks. They add shine to the outfit, while also being subtle. Gold plated collar necklaces add elegance to the outfit without looking out of place or looking like you’re trying too much. 


    Layers of Thin necklaces

      Layering thin necklaces with turtlenecks is a classic style and you can never go wrong with it. They add a focal point to a simple and solid coloured turtleneck. You can style up your turtleneck with gold plated necklaces of different lengths and texture to add a modern twist to your look. Layering necklaces will also glam up your outfit, and it’s the perfect way to take a simple turtleneck from day to night. You can also add some coloured necklaces to the mix to change it up, and make your look more interesting. 

      Statement Necklace

        A statement gold plated necklace is one piece you cannot go wrong with. It draws attention to both the turtleneck and your neck. Gold plated statement necklaces are a gorgeous piece as they go well with the solid background the turtleneck provides. It’ll amp up your outfit, and it’s something that makes you ready to go for a formal event or a party. They add glamour to the outfit and are also crowd pleasers. A gold plated statement necklace will zhuzh up your outfit like nothing else, and also show that you’re someone who loves to experiment with their style and make an entrance. 

        Long Necklaces

        Long necklaces draw attention away from the turtleneck, and add length to your torso. They make you look taller, and are a great piece to wear with turtlenecks. Since turtlenecks are in themselves very statement making, pairing it with a long necklace ensures that your jewellery also shines with your outfit. It gives a very bohemian vibe and fills the space between the high neck and the hips. You can use different types of gold-plated long necklaces or Pearl long necklaces to really up your look and make you look like a showstopper wherever you go. It’s a style that is used on runways and will never cease to shine. 

        Chunky Necklaces

          If you’re wearing a chunky, knitted turtleneck, gold plated chunky necklaces are the way to go. They complement the outfit like nothing else will, while managing to not get lost in the already statement making turtleneck. They also go with the texture of the turtleneck, and will stand out and shine. It adds proportion to the look and also makes you stand out in a crowd. Your jewellery should always accentuate your look without seeming like you’ve tried too much. And this piece of jewellery does just that. 

          Beaded Necklaces

          Want to make a unique statement with your choice in necklaces when you’re wearing a turtleneck? Beaded necklaces are the way to go. They add edginess to the outfit, while also making it more dressy. They also add sparkle to the otherwise classic turtleneck. Beaded necklaces add drama to the outfit, and if you’re someone who likes making a dramatic entrance these are perfect for you. This is a bold choice, and will draw attention to you. It’s also a great way to make your simple turtleneck party ready. 

          Now that you know the best way to style a turtleneck with a necklace, try it for yourself and see which one you prefer. You must ensure your turtleneck doesn’t overpower your jewellery or vice-versa. Choose something that you’re comfortable with and something that matches your personal style. Check out these necklaces at Blingvine and tell us what you liked the most.

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