Pearl Bangles: A Clinking Tradition Of Grace

Pearl Bangles: A Clinking Tradition Of Grace

Pearl bangles are a type of pearl jewellery that has pearls woven into a thin wire. Bangles made of pearls are the contemporary design in bangles and a new addition to pearl jewellery. Different shapes, sizes, and colours of pearls threaded into wire make a round bangle. The newness of the design and style of pearl bangles make them quite popular among youth. Pearl bangles are smooth, safe, and comfortable, and they are fit to be worn daily. The elegance and beauty of pearls, however, make them more associated with traditional or party wear dresses.

Significance Of A Pearl Bangle

Pearls symbolise purity, innocence, and faith, while bangles are a symbol of a "complete woman" to Hindus. The association of pearls with bangles therefore represents the collective elegance of women and her lifestyle. Pearl bangles are worn by women during weddings for their feminine grace. There’s a belief that pearls bring wisdom and fortune to their wearer. As a gemstone, it has a good effect on the brain and influences the frequency of positive thoughts.

Design Of Pearl Bangles You Can Choose From

Pearl bangles are available in a variety of designs and patterns. From simple and chic to complex and sparkling types. Each design, style, and pattern has its own charm that suits one style or another. Let us take a look at some of these designs.

Single Strand Pearl Bangle

A single-strand pearl bangle has a single strand of pearl moulded into the bangle. The simplicity of single-strand pearl bangles is the uniqueness of their style. This provides them with a wide range of styles. They can be worn to a formal event like an office party and also with your black short dress to a party at night. College girls love to pair them with a casual college look of jeans and a kurti.

Multi-Strand Pearl Bangle

More than one strand of pearls twisted into a bangle is a multi-stranded pearl bangle. The strands of pearls are wrapped around the wrist in a whirl-like manner. Generally worn by girls in one hand, they are a favourite of teenage girls. Young women love to pair them with their traditional outfits, like a bracelet. They can be worn with a funky look as well as for a statement-style kind of occasion.

Pearl and Gold Bangle

A pearl in a gold casing is what makes a pearl and gold bangle. Pearls of different sizes and colours are arranged in a case made of gold. This rich style of bangles pairs best with a traditional look. They are worn with sarees and lehengas as well as bridal jewellery. Pearl and gold bangles are the favourites of adult women. The ease and elegance they provide make them a good choice for daily wear, too.

Pearl and Diamond Bangle

Pearls arranged with the shiny diamonds into a bangle are the pearl and diamond bangles. Pearls are decorated with American diamonds and crystals for a luxurious look. They are a perfect wedding gift for the bride and often part of bridal jewellery. The bling of pearl and diamond bangles matches them the best with any traditional event or Indian wedding. They seem to be great as accessories with white wedding gowns—a perfect complement for each other.

Colourful Pearl Bangles

Colourful pearl bangles are bangles made up of different-coloured pearls. The colour of pearls is determined by the conditions under which they are formed in nature. Using the beauty of pearls to our advantage, colourful pearls are made into bangles. A single coloured pearl or a string of multicoloured pearls in a bangle are two types in this category. You can choose to match the colour of the bangle with the outfit or go in complete contrast with its colour.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pearl Bangles

While buying pearl bangles for yourself, there are a few things you can keep in mind. The style, design, and pattern of preference are quite important when it comes to choosing an accessory. When it comes to bangles, you have to look at the width of the bangle and your wrist size, too. I would say that you can get anything you like as long as it fits your wrist. A wrong-sized bangle can either hurt you while wearing it or hinder in chores if it's too loose. Some other factors that can be taken into consideration are:

Quality Of The Pearls

The quality of pearls determines the cost of a single pearl. Each pearl is carefully investigated for colour, shine, shape, and any damages. For every deviation from perfection, there is a negative in the pricing of the pearl. Hence, it is important for you to check if you are really paying for the quality you are getting.

Craftsmanship Of The Bangle

The craftsmanship is another factor to consider when it comes to pricing. The artistry of the craft of arranging pearls in an elegant manner provides a beauty too surreal to be seen anywhere else. The craft of making bangles is ancient and has passed through generations of hands. Every hand has its own unique design and art that is worth the price it is asked for.

Wear Your Pearl Bangles Right

Wearing your pearl bangles right isn’t much of an effort. The versatility of pearls makes it easier to match them with any style or outfit. To add a touch of tradition to a western look or a pinch of glam to any outfit, pearls can do it all. If you wear them with a traditional saree, it gives the look of a bracelet, adding a modern vibe. While wearing them with a black party gown, they can provide the elegance of tradition too. Women wear pearl bangles with jeans and pants for a funky casual look.

Caring For Your Pearl Bangles

While taking care of pearls in contrast to other kinds of jewellery materials, you must see that you aren’t cleaning them often. Wipe your pearl bangles clean after every use, and try wearing them last while doing your makeup. Avoid spraying your fragrances on your pearl bangles; this may damage their nacre and thus their shine. Store them in a microfiber cloth, as it needs air and moisture to breathe and maintain its lustre. Just keep them breathing, and the lustre will always be as good as new!

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These were some of the things you should know about your pretty pearl bangles. Now go ahead and explore all the styles and designs you found suiting yourself. Because pearls can suit everything!