Statement Necklaces - All You Need to Know

Statement Necklaces - All You Need to Know

The right statement necklace can transform you. It screams power, elegance and beauty. With the right statement necklace, you will also feel like a queen. It gives confidence that nothing else can. If you’re someone who loves the drama, statement necklaces are perfect for you. Of all the types of necklaces, statement necklaces are for those who don’t shy away from a bold moment and carry themselves like royalty.

Statement necklaces are for everyone. A statement necklace needn’t be the biggest, brightest and boldest piece of jewellery, but one that is stunning in it’s beauty, whether it’s a big necklace or a small one.

There are many reasons why statement necklaces are so popular. They are one piece of jewellery that make an outfit better, and add charisma to it. A great statement necklace design sits on the neck so perfectly and also frames the face beautifully, that any onlooker will have no choice but to look at your face. It draws attention to the face. If you are someone who wears a lot of neutrals or solid colours, a statement necklace with a pop of colour will stand out, and make you look prettier.

You can style up a simple dress with a statement necklace. This is an easy and safe way to up your fashion game. Unique statement necklaces are also often great conversation starters. The key to wearing a statement necklace is to carry it with confidence. The more confident you are, the better you carry it, and the more you will stand out in the crowd.

If you’re worried about how to pick the right statement necklace, here are some tips and necklace designs to help you out.

Pick Something That You Like

The key to wearing the right statement necklace is to find something that you’ll be comfortable in. Sometimes, it’s easier to go with the crowd, and pick something that’s widely seen. If you like more bold choices, an American Diamond statement necklace would be perfect for you. This has the right amount of sparkle to help you sparkle. If you like more minimalist designs, a pearl statement necklace would suit you perfectly. This add light to the face, but also doesn’t make you the centre of attention.

How Are You Accessorising?

While considering what statement necklace to wear, you must also consider what other accessories you’re planning on wearing. A statement necklace is such a piece that it deserves its moment of glory. Your other accessories shouldn’t be big or bold, as it’ll make the whole ensemble look off. Use simple accessories that add to the beauty of the statement necklace you’re wearing.

Consider the Event

One other thing to consider is the event for which you’re going. If it’s a wedding or a festival, you can go bold and bright with your statement necklace. If you’re going for a formal event, an American diamond statement necklace or a gold plated necklace would be perfect. If you’re going for a professional, consider a gold plated statement necklace or a pearl statement necklace. You want to be more subtle, and let your work speak for you.

Coordinate Your Colours

Plan your outfit and jewellery before time. One of the most important factors in being well-dressed is seeing how well your clothes and jewellery pair together. Identify the prominent colours in your outfit, and see how your statement necklace can enhance those colours. If you have specks of green in your outfit, a statement necklace with green in it will set it off beautifully. If you’re wearing solid colours, a statement necklace with a pop of colour will look amazing.

Wearing a statement necklace can be a daunting task, but there’s always a way to style everything. Once you’ve considered all likely questions, we are sure you’ll be the best dressed. Once you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, the confidence will shine through. That’s the key to looking your best at any event you go to. There’s a lot of necklaces for women to choose from, and we can help you out here too. If you’re looking to pick up beautiful statement necklaces, you can check out the Blingvine website.

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