Mother of Pearl

If pearls catch your fancy, then mother of pearl jewellery is going to be your absolute favorite!

Catch the most beautiful mother of pearl jewellery including mother of pearl necklace at Blingvine where you find the most qualitative artificial jewellery available online.

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Mother of Pearl by Blingvine

Pearls are exquisite. Anything that comes out of the ocean is. When we talk about gems, we usually think about mines and manmade stuff. With pearls, the story is a lot different. They grow in ocean beds and are extremely pure, in appearance and nature. Mother of pearl has the same story backing them too.

With unmatched beauty and the calmness of the sea, the mother of pearl jewellery is all that you need in your jewellery wardrobe. When we look for pearl jewellery, we often remain limited to round white structures that are called pearls and we rarely go beyond that. The shine of a pearl is often too bright that it seems to outshine other beautiful pieces of accessories that could do good to your outfits.

The mother of pearl jewellery collection includes mother of pearl necklaces, mother of pearl earrings, mother of pearl bracelets, and mother of pearl pendants. This might seem a bit of an exaggeration but the mother of pearl jewellery is sometimes more beautiful than any other accessory out there.

Blingvine’s mother of pearl jewellery collection is a sight for sore eyes. Based on the theme of seashells and more, we pay a tribute to the foundational source of pearls and related gems with a twist.

Extracted out of the shell’s linings, the mother of pearl jewellery is the best out of the pearl category jewels. Now, we know that they are not as common as other jewels but here are some ways in which you could include them in your daily life!

1. A bracelet a day keeps the trouble away- On days when you don’t feel like accessorizing much, a mother of pearl bracelet is your saving grace. A simple bracelet and you are good to go.

2. Necklace on the go- There are going to be days when you don’t feel like heavy necklaces and grand jewellery, a simple mother of pearl necklace is all you need to just pull through that look.

3. Pendants for the day- A pendant for those days you feel like having a beach day away from a beach!

4. Earrings for the party- Parties have become very common and a pair of earrings that are minimal as well as classy is what you need. The mother of pearl earring collection is made for all the ladies out there who feel the same as we do!

Mother of pearl jewellery oozes off the exotic vibe that we all look for nowadays and it is one of the safest bets today. With neutral colours that compliment every outfit, they are an easy pick and have a high chance of becoming a piece of everyday jewellery once bought.

As a brand that has been creating jewellery for people, we are always looking for more gems like these to bring out the best in jewellery for women out there. With our mother of pearls collection, we have done the same and created pieces that are not unique to us, but also our customers. Check out our collection of mother of pearls jewellery at our official website and grab your mother of pearl today!


Where can you get the best mother of pearl jewellery?
Mother of pearl jewellery is just as rare as the pearl jewellery itself because it is derived from the inner layer of the shell of some mollusks. When looking for cultured mother of pearl jewellery, do check out the excellent collection of mother of pearl jewellery at Blingvine. The online stone holds one of the choicest collections of pearl and mother of mother jewellery including necklace sets, pendant sets, earrings and bracelets.
What is mother of pearl jewellery?
To understand mother of pearl jewellery, one must first understand pearls. In the natural habitat, pearls are formed when oysters various pearl mollusks secrete a nacre in order to protect from a foreign irritant. After layers of such nacre is formed, a pearl is thus developed. So, in other words, a layer of nacre is a pearl and the nacre itself is mother of pearl. The jewellery made out of mother of pearls is obtained in gorgeous colours shades and shapes with distinct effects.
What are the latest designs in mother pearl stones?
Since mother of pearl stones make distinct designs and show prominent effects, the latest jewellery carved out of them highlights the same. The pendants, necklaces, bracelets, danglers and many other such jewels are available in latest flower designs, grapevine designs, dangler designs, window stud designs, butterfly designs, abstract shape designs and so on.