A Comprehensive Guide For Women To Get The Perfect Necklace Sets!

When someone talks about jewellery, then the first thing that comes to our mind most of the time is necklace sets. This is maybe because of how old the concept of the necklace is, from early civilisations the existence of the necklace has been well documented. A necklace can be defined as anything that looks like a band and can be wrapped around a neck. Garlands and threads were probably the first known necklaces, and as time changed so did fashion and jewellery.

In this article, we understand the different aspects of necklace sets for women, how they can be styled, the materials from which necklaces are made, and the different occasions where they can be used in great detail.

Common Necklace Lengths 

Necklaces come in many different shapes and designs, they also come in many lengths as well. The lengths of the necklaces determine the type of look you are going for and the complexity of the style you aim to achieve. 

The lengths of various necklaces ultimately depend on the wearer and it is also always advised to measure the size of your already existing necklace sets before buying a new set. 

You can also try different outfits with varied necklines while choosing the lengths of the necklaces you are planning to buy. This way you can manage your expectations and make sure that you get exactly what you want! 

Choker necklace set have a very short length of around 16" and are therefore very close to the throat and do not drop down towards the collar bones.  

The next most common length when it comes to necklaces are the standard or the princess necklace sets which have a length of about 18" to 20". Princess necklaces drop down towards the collarbones and go just beyond them in terms of length. 

22"-26" necklaces are usually considered matinee. These necklaces drop down to the collarbones and are perfect when you are going for narrow necklines. These necklaces act as an extension to the dress you are wearing making the entire look stunning. 

Anything longer than matinee necklaces are considered opera necklaces. Opera necklaces have lengths ranging from 28" to 34", these necklaces are all class and elegance and can be worn to any formal or traditional events. The length of these necklaces is much beyond the collarbones and has a certain element of charm to them. 

Now that we are familiar with the lengths of the necklace, let's talk about the outfits you can wear with necklaces. 

Outfits and Neckline 

Necklace sets for women are only as good as they are styled. It is very important to choose the right outfit for any given necklace. The combination of the jewellery and outfit makes all the difference when you are going for a particular type of look. Fortunately, we have ample options when it comes to outfits and that is what we will discuss below.

When you are opting for a V-neck outfit it is important to get yourself a long necklace like a princess necklace or a matinee necklace. This not only adds a layer to the plain neckline but also acts like an extension of the dress which completes the entire look. 

An outfit with a round neckline calls for a matinee or an opera necklace. This combination makes sure that the entire look is simple yet elegant to make a few eyes notice. You can always experiment with different outfits and necklaces but these proven combinations have always worked.

Choker necklaces can be paired with strapless and off-the-shoulder tops. Choker-length necklaces might seem to have rigid styling capabilities but with a little bit of creativity, these necklaces can be paired with sarees and kurtis to get that glamourous look. 

The long opera-length necklaces go with all types of outfits ranging from sarees to suits. Though these necklaces for women are flexible to pair with most outfits, a turtle neck dress or summer dress will look stunning! 

If you are going for a V-neckline then a V-necklace will be a great option for you to pull off that stylish elegant look for all your outings and parties.

With the different lengths and necklines now look at the different ways you can style your necklace. 


Necklaces are mostly the most flexible pieces of jewellery in anyone's collection. The versatility that necklaces provide when it comes to styling is unparalleled. Let us now look at how to style necklaces with different accessories for a glamorous look. 

Necklaces make great pieces when you want to add layers to your look. Different necklaces can be stacked together to get that layered look. The different lengths of various necklaces make it possible to stack for you to boss a stunning look. It is important to know when to stop stacking as too many necklaces might put off the entire look.

Earrings play a major role when it comes to styling, when you pair them with a necklace, then the beauty of the wearer knows no bounds. Depending on the length of the necklace and the outfit you are going for, you can choose from many types of earrings.

A pair of dangler earrings will go well with a princess and matinee necklace set. Stud earrings are often paired with chokers for a casual look for all your parties. Drop earrings combine extremely well with opera necklaces. The options are endless once you start experimenting with your style so do not shy away from creating your unique look! 

With earrings and necklaces, you are just one step away from getting that perfect look. Bracelets can elevate the entire look by adding a layer of sophistication to the entire look. Bracelets can be experimented with depending on the event and looks you are going for.

It is now time to look at the different events where you can style your necklaces. 

We have in-depth guide on necklace styling which will help you style your necklace for various occasions and outfits.


If you are attending a casual party or a casual meet-up with your friends, you can consider wearing a choker set with your cocktail dress or a round-neck top. A princess necklace set can also be considered with a shirt dress or a midi dress to emulate that beautiful sophisticated look.

A formal party calls for a suit dress or a long gown, for this kind of event you can go for a matinee necklace for women. For business meetings, you can try a professional look with a pearl princess necklace set or an opera necklace set for a professional look.  

For your office, you can choose between a matinee necklace set or a simple chain necklace to look confident and dependable. A well-curated look always makes for a confident person which is why it is important to have the right necklace set for your office look.

Weddings are grand affairs and that is exactly why luxury is important in grand weddings. Princess necklaces are the perfect choice for a grand wedding, with all the gemstones this combination of wedding outfit and princess necklace set is impeccable. A plastron necklace set that falls between a matinee necklace and an opera necklace is the most popular choice of necklace for the bride! 


Materials play an important role when it comes to jewellery sets for women, as the integrity of the necklace, the colour, and the metal or fabric used to make the necklace set the tone for the entire look.

Chokers are made from a wide range of materials. These short necklaces can be made out of satin bands, leather, and metal. Extra elements like gems and amulets can also be used to make the necklace set more grand or complex. 

Gold and silver are the most popular metals from which necklaces are made. Many chains are made of gold or silver, this not only makes the necklace look beautiful but also adds to the sturdiness to support the other elements of the necklace.

Stainless steel also is very popular as they are much more affordable when it comes to chains. They also act as a base around which other elements to the necklace are added.

A plain chain might look mundane that is when gemstones, diamonds, and pendants come into play making the necklace beautiful. Princess necklaces are studded with gems and diamonds to make them what they are!

Pearls are one of the most important elements in opera necklaces and are common elements in other types of necklaces like a pendant necklace and matinee necklaces. 

Maharani American Diamond Necklace Set - Blingvine
Maharani Necklace Set
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The Maharani American Diamond Necklace Set is luxury incarnated. The design is classic and the luster of high-quality American diamonds and Swarovski elements is unmatched. The German Rhodium polish gives it the deluxe platinum look.

Stylist's Notes:

Our Maharani American diamond necklace set is an embodiment of luxury and beauty. It is sparklingly bold and can dazzle the room solitarily. This necklace set has the charm of Royalty and only the Maharanis at heart can pull it off with enough justice.


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What's Included:

  • 1 pair of studs
  • 1 necklace


  • AAA Austrian crystals
  • Swarovski elements
  • German Rhodium polish
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Width of Earrings: 20 mm
  • Length of Earrings: 27 mm
  • Necklace chain : 450 mm
  • Please see the last product image for more details on sizing


Now that we have read everything we need to know about necklace sets, it is now time for you to explore the various options that are available to you from our exquisite collection of necklace sets! Get your next necklace set for your special event from Blingvine!