Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Although there is no specific season or a day for love, Valentine’s Day, however, is one of the most special days to express one’s love for another. Celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, a hero who lived and died for the sake of love, this day is considered as an epitome of love and care for your partner.

Starting from 7th Feb to 14th Feb, Valentines week is the most romantic season of the year. The day is observed with young lovers expressing their feelings by exchanging romantic gifts with each other. The gifts can be as simple yet romantic as a rose or as precious as a beautiful jewellery piece.

Choosing an appropriate gift for women is no joke and the one that fits is a lot to ask. This Valentine’s Day, gift something that she can cherish for years to come. While finding the appropriate dress can be a challenge and a pack of chocolates may mess with her diet, a piece of cute jewellery can be the best gift for her. This Valentine’s Day, gift her something precious without burning a hole in your pocket.

Check out these romantic pieces from Blingvine which make the best Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriend. High-quality fashion jewellery with unique make and elegant style that can be worn daily to work or on a casual day out.

Pendant Sets

Women love pendants. It is the most stylish yet classy piece of jewellery. Pendants add grace with the perfect amount of bling to the look. Pendants are not just a neckpiece but an accessory that stays close to the heart. Pendant sets when gifted by someone special, increases its worth manifolds for a woman. If you’re looking for the most romantic gift for wife or girlfriend that she can cherish forever, choose a precious pendant for her from a collection of designer and unique jewellery gifts online.

Heart-shaped Lockets with Chain

Miraya Pendant Set

A heart-shaped pendant set in metal design and matte rose gold finish, this minimal necklace is the perfect gift for women who like to keep it simple and subtle. Miraya pendant is romantic jewellery with a little heart locket hanging in a gold plated chain with small stud earrings in heart-shape.

Valentina Pendant Set

A symbolism of pure and unconditional love for one another, Valentina Pendant Set is the best gift for her this Valentine’s week. This gorgeous pink heart-shaped pendant with rose gold plated chain for girls is perfect jewellery to adorn with western as well as traditional wear to your college or any casual occasion. The heart-shape dangler earrings are as pretty as the set and can be worn with or without the pendant.

Kiss of Love Pendant Set

The latest addition to our catalogue, this one in a million jewellery piece exudes luxury with grace. If you’re looking for something precious for the love of your life, there’s nothing more suitable than this pretty pendant in heart-shaped locket design with gold chain. Studded with high-quality crystals from Swarovski and 18K Champagne gold plating, this pendant with earrings set is the most romantic gift for girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day. Perfect jewellery for a dinner date or a romantic evening with your special someone.

Key to Heart Pendant Set

Just like there’s a special someone who knows all your heart’s secrets and desires, this stunning pendant is a key to their locked heats. This magical accessory for women is a vibrant and cheerful jewellery piece that looks stunning with all types of outfits. Studded with Blue Austrian crystals and clear Swarovski crystals, this key to heart pendant with chain is a special gift for her.

Statement Jewellery Pieces 

Ruth Pendant Set

Ruth Pendant Set is a subtle statement for women who like to keep it minimal while defining their personal style. This swan locket is a symbolism of pure love and loyalty for a lifetime. Let her know your unconditional love and commitment to her with this statement jewellery gift for her. Delicate swan pendant design with 18K rose gold plated chain to pair with a dress, office formals or put it on as daily wear jewellery.

Cherry Pendant Set

This Valentine’s, gift her the colour of love. Vibrant red crystal pendant with earrings set made with Austrian Crystals and clear Swarovski crystals that impart a luxurious and classy appeal to the jewellery set. All about youth and fun, this pendant necklace is the best gift for the special lady in your life.

Charming Rose Pendant Set

What can be a better gift than a romantic rose that lasts forever just like your love for her? Check out this stunning rose pendant with sparkling Swarovski crystals studded in an 18K white gold plated base in a rose flower design. This delicate rose locket with chain is the most loved and romantic jewellery of all times. Wear it to a cocktail party or a dinner date, this stunning jewellery piece is sure to attract all eyes.

Bulbul Pendant Set

If you’re the one who finds romantic gifts a little cliché, gift her something that represents her inner spirit animal. Go for a stunning Bulbul Pendant if she’s sweet and always ready to steal the spotlight with her charm and shine bright. Or the Nightlife Pendant Set if she’s more of a mystery yet wise. These statement jewellery pieces are perfect for daily wear jewellery to carry to your office, college or a casual hangout.


Earrings form the most basic and essential element of any woman’s outfit and jewellery box. Earrings are a must-have accessory for all women to complete the look. Also, earrings are the easiest to choose. You can never go wrong with a pair of earrings for gifting. Every earring has a buddy in a girl’s wardrobe. This Valentine’s day gifts her the most useful and precious gift she has ever received. Pick a designer and cute earrings online at Blingvine’s collection of fashion earrings for girls.

Hearty Heart Danglers

These powerful statement earrings in heart-shape are our tribute to love and everyone in love. Delicate and sparkling crystal earrings make with Austrian crystals and 18K yellow gold plating, these earrings can effortlessly dress up or down any outfit and can be paired from a day in the office to a night at the club. These high-quality earrings are a precious gift for her which will go in her jewellery box forever.

Cupid Earrings

These simple yet elegant earrings are a blessing from heaven sent by Cupid for everyone in love. This is a great accessory for a date night or a day at the office or college. Studded with precious Swarovski crystals and platinum plating, these earrings are a luxurious jewellery pick for an event. Surprise her with your choice of classy gift that she cannot say no to.


Bracelets are the most feminine and elegant jewellery for women. As a gift, bracelets symbolise friendship and care for someone special in your life. Also, bracelets are the only accessory which is visible to the wearer without looking at a mirror. So, give her a reason to smile and remember you every time she looks at her pretty wrists. It not only looks romantic to gift but also makes a very versatile and useful gift for girls which she can add to almost every outfit on any day. This Valentine’s cheer her up with a cute bracelet online at Blingvine.

Little Hearts Bracelet

A cute hearts bracelet delicately designed with high-quality faux cat-eye stones and 18K rose gold plating. This classy bracelet for girls is versatile and simple jewellery to adorn anywhere with any outfit. If you’re looking for a gift for a special friend or girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, then this is the one for you.

Paris Love Bracelet

Spell luxury with this gorgeous sparkling bracelet for girls and women. This luxurious bracelet is the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift for women this season of love. Beautiful glittery Swarovski bracelet studded with high-grade imitation rubies in heart-shape, this Victorian-style bracelet is the most precious yet not so costly gift for your love.


Necklaces are grand and precious jewellery gift as it exudes luxury and looks expensive to gift. If you’re looking for something valuable in the budget, then go for a designer and exquisite necklace set from Blingvine. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for wife or girlfriend that looks and feels special to gift. Go for a vibrant and colourful stone necklace, if she’s a fan of colourful artistic pieces. You can also pick an expensive-looking crystal necklace which has the vivacity and exuberance of a diamond necklace. Whereas, if she likes to keep it subtle and sophisticated, go for a royal pearl jewellery set that looks classy and adds value to her wardrobe.

From minimal to grand and cute to fancy, Blingvine brings to you a vast collection of jewellery pieces appropriate for gifting your loved ones. This Valentine’s day surprise her with a loving precious jewellery gift which she can cherish for a lifetime. With unique jewellery designs and impeccable quality, Blingvine jewellery makes the best gift for wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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