Valentine's Day Collection

Just like most things in life, gifts come and go but nothing is as special as a Valentine’s Day gift for your special one!

When thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts, think of something special, something out of the box ideas, think Blingvine! With premium quality, Blingvine offers top notch jewellery, all delightfully designed to be a perfect Valentine’s gift for girlfriend or wife.

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Valentine's Day Collection by Blingvine

Every year, the 14th of February brings a suitcase of memories for people. Don’t we all remember being in school, getting excited for any valentine's week drama that was soon to unfold?

Gifts, cards, chocolates, and two people who are madly in love with each other are the recipe for a valentine’s day specials edition. That is the spirit that brings Valentine’s Day to life. 

People believe numerous stories about where this term and this day originates from. Although the stories might be different, the idea remains the same, the act of unconditional emotion that binds people, love. 

A whole week of joy that ends with the Valentine’s Daymeans so much to any couple, the celebration of love becomes even more special and everyone wants to add physical memory to mark this day. Showering your beloved with gifts has always been a thing among people.

It nowhere means that any materialistic thing is being added to the significance, rather, it is people trying to gift a piece of their heart, an emotion with it to their beloved. 

Selecting a gift for Valentine’s Day is a piece of cake but choosing a gift that stands out is the real deal. With every shop selling the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for wife, valentine day gifts for girlfriend, and other Valentine’s Day specials; finding a gift that rises above the ordinary, cuts through the clichés isa bit of a competition.

Valentine gift ideas are not hard to find, but jewellery still stands at the very top. A piece of jewellery best expresses a person’s feelings towards their loved ones and makes a perfect valentine's gift. Just like festive gifts, valentine's day gifts stay in the memories for a long time.

The best valentine day gifts are those that express love and they shouldn’t be limited to just your partner. Valentine’s is about love, and love comes in all forms, with all kinds of people and things. This valentine’s, celebrate every kind of love there is, be grateful for your loved ones who have been with you through thick and thin, seen the good and bad with you; because at the end of the day we know, with them, it’s easy. It's uncomplicated even though love itself is the most complicated emotion a human feels. 

So, what are the best valentine day gifts for her? Is it a shining necklace, a sparkling bracelet, a glowing ring, or a pretty pendant? Well, the answer to that is simple. The best valentine gifts are those that are picked by you with a thought of your beloved in mind. The value of a gift is only truly seen when it is delivered with the right intent. It doesn’t matter whether it is valentine gifts for wife, valentine gift for girlfriend, valentine gift for a friend, or your mother and your sister, the thought matters. 

At Blingvine, we bring thoughts to life. With a unique meaning behind each piece that we create, our valentine’s jewellery collection is all you need for this Valentine’s Day. All days are indeed Valentine’s Day because love is not bound to just one day; but just like when the ambience of a place is right, we feel more in the moment; similarly, valentine’s creates a chance, a chance to express more of what you feel towards people and valentine gift ideas become a reflection of that. 

This Valentine’s celebrate love, laughter, challenges, distance, tears and the togetherness behind them all with a token of premium jewellery from Blingvine.

Best Valentine’s Day gift for her – Blingvine Jewellery gifts for women

We know it’s a special feeling and your heart is going million beats per minute expressing your love to her. Be it a proposal or just a random day when you want to express your feelings for her, you always want to make it special and memorable. This Valentine’s make your day special and memorable with a precious gift for her in budget. Buy best gift for Valentine’s Day online at Blingvine. Choose from a massive collection of romantic jewellery gifts for women and let her feel special with the jeweller of her choice.

 Special Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Blingvine

Express your love for her with stunning jewellery pieces from Blingvine. Our collection includes amazing Valentine presents that are ideal to win your special one’s heart in a lovely way. You can find romantic pendant sets with heart-shaped lockets with chain, rose pendants, heart earrings designs and grand and classy necklaces which make the best Valentine gift for the special lady in your life. Make your day special with our collection of romantic gifts online. Order Valentine Day gift online from Blingvine Jewellery website for fashion jewellery in India.

Valentine’s Week – A season of Love and Lovebirds

Celebrated every year from 7th Feb to 14th Feb, Valentine’s week is the most romantic week of the year. From young lovebirds to elderly couples, nobody shy away from expressing their love to their partner. Be it proposing to your crush or making the count with your soulmate, this week is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm by all people in love around the world. It is a season of gifting to one another with small or big gifts that have a hidden meaning to it. The special 7 days of the Valentine’s week are:
7th Feb – Rose Day
8th Feb – Propose Day
9th Feb – Chocolate Day
10th Feb – Teddy Day
11th Feb – Promise Day
12th Feb – Hug Day
13th Feb – Kiss Day
14th Feb – Valentine’s Day

Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend – Valentine Gift Collection from Blingvine

Romance is like the lubricant to the engine of life. When it comes to surprising your girlfriend, nothing can cheer her up other than gifts. Girls love getting gifts and with Blingvine’s collection of superior fashion jewellery, it is sure to steal the heart of your lady. Check out our exclusive range of pretty and delicate pendants, earrings and bracelets for girls that make the perfect Valentine Gift for your girlfriend.

Buy Valentine's Day Gift for Wife – Exclusive Jewellery collection from Blingvine

Life becomes truly easy when you hold the hands of your loving life partner. While daily chores may have taken that spark down she still hold the special place in your heart. Celebrate this special day by making her feel special with a luxurious and grand gift for your wife this Valentine’s Day. Make this day count by sharing your feelings to her who supports you at every harsh stage of life. Buy a special Happy Valentine’s day gift online like a sparkling artificial diamond necklace or a royal pearl necklace set from Blingvine and let her know that she’s the queen of your heart.

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What are some good Valentine's Day gifts for women?
Valentine’s Day is a global celebration of love where love birds express their love for each other and exchange gifts. If you are searching for a good Valentine’s Day gift for you lovely lady, jewellery is one of the foremost items that you must look at. Be it trendy chain necklaces, latest chain bracelets, gorgeous earrings or statement rings, jewels never fail to charm and impress the hearts of women. Apart from jewellery, you can also look at branded watches, luxury bags and high end makeup products.
What are a good website for Valentine’s day Gifts online shopping?
When looking for Valentine’s Day gifts, one always gets to know that valentine’s gifts are more personal and intimate than any regular gifts. Such gifting items are mostly wearable items like jewellery for which Blingvine is one of the most reliable online destinations to watch out. Stocked with premium jewellery items like necklaces, bangles, earrings and many other jewels that have passed various quality tests, Blingvine is the answer to your entire Valentine gifting needs.
What is the best artificial jewellery for valentine's day?
While necklace sets and pendants are a forever favourite, one can also try gorgeous long earrings or studs that match the personality of your special one. Currently, tennis bracelets have become extremely popular due to their simplicity and their easy wearability. Gifting jewellery on Valentine's Day is an excellent choice when you choose the right item.Worry not! With Blingvine, you can be sure that the best artificial jewellery reaches your partner.
Where can I get a find perfect valentine gift with premium packaging?
We, at Blingvine, understand the whole unboxing experience hence, all our jewellery comes in premium packaging. With fantastic valentine gifts like necklaces, earrings and bangles, Blingvine provides a sturdy box which not only adds to the gifting idea but also acts as an amazing storage box where your jewel will be protected and is likely to last longer.