Style These Necklace Set To Your Next Formal Dinner

It’s not a secret that a necklace alone is enough to completely transform and elevate your entire look. The power that a good necklace set holds is unmatched and unparalleled. Necklace sets highlight and give the impression that the person wearing them is very put together, knows and understands what they want and isn't afraid to just go for it.

We’re sure that you often find yourself reaching for your necklace sets for various occasions, whether getting dressed for a regular monday morning or you’re attending the wedding of your best friend. Necklace sets are also often the default jewellery choice for formal dinners, whether it’s an office dinner or a dinner in lieu of someone’s newest business venture. 

Here’s our guide for styling necklace sets for formal dinners. 

Gold plated Necklace Set 

At this point, we’re all aware that gold has a special place in all our hearts even if our pockets don't agree. Opting for gold-plated necklace sets is the next best thing you can do. It’s classy and it’s timeless and we’re confident that there is no way you can go wrong with it. You can style a simple gold plated necklace set with a formal black dress or you can style with it a saree, it’s going to look regardless. You can further go on to layer a few necklaces for a bolder look that will go on to make a statement piece. There is a lot of flexibility with the necklace pieces with regard to gold plated pieces as they are more easily available in current trends and styles. 

Pearl Necklace Set 

If you’re looking to style yourself for a formal that leaves no room for error and that the stakes are through the roof for you, we’ve got just the thing for you. Pearls. The only thing a good pearl necklace can’t do is make an outfit look bad. Pearl necklace sets are perfect for those who prefer the style of Audrey Hepburn or just thrive while looking as regal as they possibly can. Formal dinners are usually the places where you can show off your effortlessly classy side. You can also layer two or three pearl necklaces of different lengths to elevate your outfit and look like sophistication personified. 

American Diamond Necklace Set 

If you’re a diamond gal, we suggest taking your american diamond necklace sets out for formal dinners. A necklace set that is the choker length or princess length pair really well individually and in combination to give a glamorous look. Or, it can also give a sober look, if that’s what you’re going for. These are elegant and are especially perfect for formal work dinner or conferences. 

Polki Necklace Set 

For a formal dinner that may require you to elevate your look a little more than usual, we suggest opting for a polki inspired necklace set. They look more regal and they emanate a royalty-like feeling. These are more suited for housewarming or formal  friends and family dinners. They are also especially well suited for high stakes business dinners because they create a more polished and high class look. 

Enamel Necklace Set 

If you’re looking to style within a particular colour palette or a particular aesthetic direction, going for enamel made necklace sets would be the right choice for you. These come with lovely simple chains and pendants that look clean, minimal and poised. For formal dinners, you may not want to draw attention to yourself with loud and extravagant jewellery pieces, in which enamel necklace sets will come to your rescue. 

Formal dinners bring a certain air of propriety and decorum. They also ask of a certain aesthetic and response from those attention, whether these dinners are professional and personal in nature. Dressing the right way for it, and choosing necklace sets that speak to you and give you a highly polished look is the need of the hour and we’re sure with our guide, you’re ready to attend any formal dinners that come your way. Just like with all other kinds of events and occasions, these are also occasions that are better dealt with when you not only look good but also feel good. So bear that in mind when you style yourself and get ready to put your best foot forward, we know you’ve got this. 

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