Must have Necklace Sets for an Indian Wedding

In Indian wedding is a grand event; its like a festival where you meet and reconnect with friends and family. There is fun, there is food and, of course, there is fashion! For most people, fashion is about the outfits but what puts together an outfit and completes the look is the right set of accessories. So, in this blog, we will talk about the different types of necklace sets that you must have when you’re getting ready to attend the grand affair that’s called – An Indian Wedding!

Indian weddings are a colourful affair. Haldi, Mehendi, Pooja – every function reflects its own aura. There can be nothing more appropriate than a vibrant Meenakari Set for such functions. Meenakari is an age-old technique, carried forward by artisans of Rajasthan, that involves coloring and embellishing the surface of metals with the use of brilliant colors in a beautiful design. Yellow, Blue, Green, Red – an array of colors is available to choose from in Meenakari Jewellery. They look amazing with a light weight lehenga or with a Sharara set.

Another trending piece of jewellery that is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, especially at destination weddings, is a choker set. Chokers are not a new style; they were widely popular in 60s and 70s and have made a strong comeback again! Chokers can be made out of American diamonds, kundan, stones etc but pearl chokers are something that look elegant and are appropriate for wedding functions like Sangeet or Ring ceremony. They are also very apt to put on with a heavier dress because they are comparatively smaller and will not steal the attention away from that beautiful dress of yours!

 “Pearls are always appropriate”, said Jacqueline Kennedy and we can’t agree more. So, its just right that everyone must have a gorgeous pearl necklace set in their jewellery box when getting ready to attend an Indian wedding. A pearl necklace set is an extremely versatile piece of jewellery and can go along with any kind of outfit or be suitable for any function. Pearls some in different colours and shapes but a white pearl necklace set is by far the handiest necklace set, it looks as gorgeous with a pastel-coloured chiffon saree as with a black cocktail gown.

And how can you ever get ready for a grand wedding without having that diamond style necklace set that makes you feel like a princess as soon as you put it on?! American diamond necklace sets come in various designs and styles; you can choose the one that makes your heart flutter with joy. Clavicle length diamond sets are usually the most popular ones and look incredible with floor length gowns or Sarees. If your budget is slightly higher, you can choose to buy Swarovski crystals necklace set for the unmatched sparkle that will make the heads turn all night!

So, that was our list of must have necklace sets for an Indian wedding. We hope it was helpful and will give you ideas about the accessories for your upcoming wedding. Just remember, no matter what style of necklace you choose, make sure it compliments your outfit. Lastly, don’t forget to wear a brilliant smile because that’s by far the most attractive accessory that you can put on! 😉

Love, Team Blingvine.