Top 10 Tips For Buying The Perfect Necklace

Buying a necklace is an investment and it’s very important to buy the right kind of necklace. But there are so many options and it might get difficult to pick out a necklace which is right for a particular occasion or an event. We’re here to help you with that. 

Whether you’re someone who has never bought jewellery or someone who’s looking to expand your jewellery collection, these tips are for everyone. Read on to know what our top ten tips are to buy the perfect necklace for you or even for a loved one. 

Know the types of necklaces

The first step to buying any necklace is knowing the types of necklaces. They range from small to big, and differ in their make too. The most popular types of necklaces are chokers, collar necklaces, princess necklaces, matinee necklaces, pendants. Each of these necklaces is styled differently and makes a different statement. Pick the best necklace that goes with your dress to get the right look.

What’s the occasion?

The second step to buying the right necklace is knowing where you are going to wear it. A necklace you wear for an informal event is different from a necklace you wear for a formal event. A statement necklace makes the perfect piece for a formal event. For an informal event, go with longer chains and chunky necklaces you can layer.  

What’s your style?

All of us have different personal preferences, and our styles are different. If you’re someone who likes minimalism, a statement necklace wouldn’t be the right piece for you. In this case, pearls or a pendant set is the way to go. If you like making an entrance, choose a statement piece or a sparkly necklace. 

What do you already have?

If you’re buying a necklace for a special occasion, you must also check what types of necklaces you already have. Having too many necklaces which are the same style will become boring very quickly. So, before you buy something, take stock of what you have, and pick out something you don’t have. 

Pick a versatile necklace

The beauty of a necklace is if you can wear it time and again. Picking something that is very specific to one outfit may make it difficult to pair it with other outfits. Select a necklace which you pair with different styles of clothing without it looking out of the place. And when you are planning to mix and match, it's always better to buy a necklace set rather than just the necklace.

Choose quality over quantity

A good quality necklace will not look better and more elegant, but will also last longer. Cheaper necklaces may lose colour over time, or even break fast. Choose a necklace which is made well, and will last you for a long time. 

Make a planned purchase

Necklaces are an investment, and are rarely impulse buys. If you want a necklace for a specific event or a specific type of necklace, plan it well. Do your research on what’s available in the market, what the prices are and the quality of the necklace. A planned purchase makes for a good purchase. 

What’s the care required?

Different necklaces are made with different metals, and the care for each of these metals is also different. If you’re looking for a necklace to wear everyday, buying something that is cheap will make it fade faster. Always check the care you have to do for the necklace before you buy it. A well-cared for necklace retains its shine longer, lasts longer and can be worn for years. 

How often can you wear it?

If you’re someone who hardly wears necklaces and are buying it exclusively for an event, you must invest in one statement piece which you can pair for other events too. If you’re someone who wears necklaces on the regular, go for a more versatile selection of necklaces. 

What’s your budget?

Lastly, and perhaps, most importantly, is your budget. Statement necklaces cost a lot more than simple pendant necklace sets. Set aside a budget for the necklace you want, and stick to it. Depending on what you want too, the budget of the necklace may vary. 

These were our tips to keep in mind before you buy a necklace. These can be lifesavers for people who are new to buying jewellery or someone who’s looking for a specific piece. We hope you find these tips useful. You can also check out some amazing necklace sets for all occasions on Blingvine.