Types of Artificial Pearls Used in Jewellery

Types of Artificial Pearls Used in Jewellery

Pearls are one the most highly coveted gemstones. They have been for centuries. Pearls have been worn by royalty, and give off the allure of regality. Pearl jewellery sets are considered one of the most sophisticated and elegant jewellery one can wear. They complement almost all outfits, and can be worn on an everyday basis as well.

These aspects created a market for pearls that couldn’t be met by natural pearls. This is one of the main reasons why imitation pearls were formed. These are synthetic, made-man pearls that look just like real pearls. They are considerably a more affordable option compared to real pearls.

Imitation or artificial pearls are much lighter than real pearls. They also have a very smooth texture, compared to the texture of real pearls which is grittier. They have an even colour across the whole, which is rare to find in a real pearl. They are also rounder and warmer to touch than real pearls.

There’s nothing wrong in picking artificial pearls, as they are better on the pocket, look almost identical and you will still get the glow you get from real pearls. Listed below are the different types of artificial pearls.

Learn About The Different Types Of Artificial Pearls Used In Jewellery

Bathed Pearls

Bathed pearls are also called Angel, Mikomo, Kobe, Aloha, or "improved cultured pearl". The bathed pearl is a mother-of-pearl core coated with a mixture of plastic enamel, lead carbonate, mica, and titanium dioxide, then with a film of iridescent nylon. This type of pearl is used in a lot of faux pearl sets and other jewellery.

Bohemian Pearls

Bohemian pearl is a cut and buffed mother-of-pearl build-up. This is another variation of the mother-of-pearl pearl and quite popular in the market.

Cotton Pearls

Cotton pearls are also called "Utter Ethical pearls". These are made merely from cotton and mica. These pearls are called utter ethical pearls as they are most ethically made pearls. Cotton and mica are easily available, and this makes the process of making these pearls much easier.

Glass Pearls

Glass pearl is a glass bead dipped or sprayed with pearlescent material, or hollow glass bead filled with pearlescent material. The Majorica pearl is one variation of the Glass pearl. Wax-filled pearl simulants are hollow glass beads coated with essence d'orient and filled with wax. Variations of these wax-filled simulants, which are produced in slightly different manners, include Parisian pearls, Paris pearls, French pearls, Bourguignon pearls, and Venetian pearls.

Mother-of-pearl Pearls

Mother-of-pearl pearls are crushed nacreous shell powder, sintered into the desired shape. These are the most popular type of artificial pearls out there.

Plastic Pearls

Plastic pearls, as the name suggests, have a plastic core which is coated with pearlescent material to give it the same gloss and shine as an actual pearl. Plastic pearls are also common, as they are a cheaper variation of pearls. These look good only for 2 to 3 wears before they start chipping away.

Roman Pearl

A roman pearl has an alabaster core coated with pearlescent material. The pearlescent material is made of isinglass, essence d’orient or mother-of-pearl powder.

Shell Pearl

Shell Pearls can be considered the closest to a real pearl. These are cut, buffed and sometimes dyed nacreous portions of mollusc shells. They are also called the mother-of-pearl pearls.

All these pearls are used in jewellery quite often. A lot of pearl sets, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets use these types of pearls. Even when buying imitation pearl sets, it is important to go for the ones that are of better quality.

When taken care of well, these pearls can also last for a good amount of time. Actresses and style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel both preferred faux pearl sets.

Here are some must-have pearl jewellery options to own:

Classic Pearl Set

A classic pearl set is a layer of pearls formed in the chain fashion. You can wear either a single strand or a layered pearl set, and it’ll still look gorgeous. They add light to the face, and make you glow in an ethereal way.

Pearl Studs

Another timeless piece to have in your collection are pearl studs. Pearl studs are simple and dazzling at the same time. They pair well with everything, and can also be worn everyday with the right amount of care.

Pearl Bracelet

A pearl bracelet is the money piece in any jewellery bag. It is the epitome of class and can instantly make any outfit brighter and refined. It’s not very common, and you’ll stand out from the crowd in a beautiful pearl bracelet.

We hope that we were able to helped you in learning more about pearls. If you're interested in purchasing pearl jewelry, be sure to check out the collection available on the Blingvine website. Additionally, we've put together an in-depth guide on pearl jewelry design to help you make the perfect choice for your personal style.