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Parties call for music, dance, amazing outfits and of course, party wear jewellery
Time to get the party started with the classiest of party wear jewellery which includes a range of party wear necklaces, heavy party wear earrings, party wear necklace sets and many more, only on Blingvine.

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Party Wear Jewellery by Blingvine

Partywear jewellery is amongst the most common kind of jewellery that people search for. Party Wear necklaces, heavy party wear earrings, party wear bracelets, and pendants are people’s first reasons to look for jewellery.

The trendiest form of jewellery also brings a lot of confusion with itself. We live in the world of influencers now. Every influencer carries a certain outfit in a particular way. And everyone’s killing it with their ensemble, but not all of them would work best for you. So, it gets upon you to decide the kind of jewellery you want to go for; whether to match up your outfit with just a pair of party wear long earrings or go with a heavy party wear necklace set instead; you have a lot to choose from.

Partywear jewellery doesn’t lag in designs too. Partywear earring designs in particular have thousands of varieties that you could pick up anytime and you won’t be disappointed.

If this party season has got you confused, you are not the only one. Here are some suggestions we make that make your choices a tad bit easier-

Decide your vibe for the occasion

Parties can be subjective at times. We understand that the vibe you carry in at home parties is not the same as the one you carry at your workplace. That is why important that you decide on the vibe first. If it is more of a work thing, we believe that our silver studs and danglers would be best suited for you. But if it is an informal event, go all out with some vibrant colours instead of going for colours like silver and gold.

Select your outfit to select the right party wear jewellery

Once you are done with the vibe, it is now time to decide on the outfit. Mismatched is not the look you are aiming for. Look for an outfit that makes you feel good and excited. All other things can wait, first comes your happiness and excitement about every outfit. Clothes carry the power to uplift moods and women know that very well. So, choose an outfit that makes you excited about attending the party you are buying it for.

Start pairing up

Once you are done with selecting an outstanding outfit, it all comes down to the right accessories now. Partywear jewellery highlights the whole look in a manner that grabs eyes. When going with a minimal outfit, go with statement jewellery like a shimmery necklace set and when opting for a heavy outfit, we think that a choker would do you good. Well, these are just thoughts and we believe that you could rock anything you decide to put on. It just becomes about personal style and not about what anyone suggests. We bring you options to look at; each better than the prior, pick what your style demands.

Partywear jewellery won't ever give you trouble in the variety department, but the selection department is where things get tough. We hope that these suggestions help you pick the right party wear jewellery for you; one that makes your party even more fun and interesting.

With partywear jewellery at Blingvine, turn eyes with your ensemble at the next party you attend!

Party wear necklace

Parties. A moment to take a brief rest from the life we live every day. Parties, big or small, give us a chance to celebrate. If you were to remember the last party you attended, it would take you back to all the fun you had, the people you met, and the connections you shared with them in those moments when you were together at the party.

Now, when we remember a party, what we also remember is how we looked at it. We all have those memories of being overdressed at a party, underdressed at one, felt out dressed at the other, and felt immersed in the crowd in one. The image that our party-ready self creates is also a large part of how much we enjoy it. When we look at it in the long run, it becomes a lot more about that image we have in our head, and of course, the pictures!

When it comes to party wear jewellery, or in fact jewellery in general, necklaces are the first accessory that comes to mind. Party wear necklace set are no exception. With their appeal and demand, they stand as one of the most looked-for jewellery pieces with a wide versatility factor that matches its ever-increasing demand in the market.

While looking for party wear earring designs or heavy party wear earrings in general, it is every time that you would be redirected to party wear necklace sets. Party necklaces can range from dainty chains to heavy studded jewellery and party wear necklace designs will never disappoint you with the variety they have in the box. From simple party wear necklaces to fancy party wear necklaces, party wear necklace sets are everywhere.

Now, while you might look at it as just one piece of accessories, but party wear necklaces are a lot more than that. Let us consider a simple crystal necklace for instance. We feel that jewellery is eternal and should last as long as eternity lasts, forever. That is why we, at Blingvine, believe in creating high-quality jewellery that would not last for eternity but yes, it does get close!

With a premium quality piece, you could experiment and invest in more jewellery. And guess what? Necklaces give that space to every accessory. Matching up has always been a task for people, especially now with people buying separate jewellery instead of looking for jewellery sets inclusive of all accessories. With a staple party necklace, you could rock your parties each time without fail and without having to feel guilty about investing much again and again.

At Blingvine, we value our customer’s choices and believe in creating pieces that could not only match your outfit but also your personality and style. Not only good quality but also good value for money and some excellent designs that could become yours at just a single click. Grab your go-to party wear necklace set today and bask in the beauty of it to your heart’s content. All yours at Blingvine!

Party wear jewellery set & dazzling necklace sets for party

Make your presence count with Blingvine’s designer and unique range of fashion necklaces for parties, weddings and red carpet events. Checkout our collection of powerful and vibrant party wear necklaces with earrings set to pair with your favourite party dress, lehenga, saree or a long western gown. Make your special occasions more special and joyous with high-quality necklaces for party wear. Carry the elegance of a princess and the grandeur of a queen with stylish necklaces from Blingvine. Buy Party wear necklaces with earrings set online at Blingvine.

Traditional Necklaces for Party – Indian Jewellery

Party wear traditional design necklaces online shopping at Blingvine. Shop for Indian necklaces online at Blingvine in modern style studded with contemporary elements and unique design. Indian jewellery is most intricate and artistic form of jewellery. Nothing matches the royalty and vibrancy of Indian wear jewellery traditional. The perfect choice of stones like ruby, emerald and sapphire coupled with the elegance of pearls and gold, makes the traditional Indian jewellery set one in a million. At Blingvine, we bring to you the royalty of Indian jewellery fused with the versatility of modern designs perfect for parties, weddings and festivals. Buy Indian jewellery for lehenga, saree, kurti as well as western dresses for a fusion look.

Buy Party Wear Necklaces Online – Blingvine Party Wear Jewellery Collection

No matter what, but parties and special occasions invite for a glam sham celebration with different styles and modern trends in vogue. Party wear sets are woman's most sought after jewellery. Shop for the best party wear necklace sets online at best prices at Blingvine Online Jewellery Store. Traditional and modern design necklaces for women to wear with party wear dresses. Choose from a collection of party wear pearl necklaces, crystal necklaces, enamel necklaces and gold plated necklaces.

Party Wear Earrings – A wardrobe essential

Every day is a party when you have it on your mind. With parties comes the never-ending search for gifts, outfits, and accessories. This search leads you to a million search results that show a range of accessories so wide that it baffles you. Party earrings top that search list with a wide margin. Partywear earrings are everywhere when it comes to jewellery best suited for occasions like that. 

Partywear earrings are an accessory that you can’t miss in the jewellery section. They sparkle like stars and speak for themselves. And, there is also a perk that comes with party wear earrings, is that every earring is a party wear earring; from a simple pair of studs to heavy danglers, everything can be party wear jewellery if paired right. Party earrings for one are very versatile in all terms. For instance, if we consider party wear earrings designs, we get to dive across the ocean of heavy party wear earrings and fancy party wear earrings, and if we consider in terms of outfit matching, we come across choices like party wear earrings for gowns and party wear earrings for traditional outfits. 

Partywear long earrings are not only an accessory, they are a collection in itself. A statement is what they create and bring that extra spice to the whole equation. We see multiple celebrities sporting a pair of earrings as the only piece of accessories. 

This trend then comes to the whole population and a large mass starts to experiment with a particular piece. Over time, we have seen some pieces of accessories get extremely popular, chokers being one of them and party wear earrings being the other.

Earlier, party wear earrings were a separate section and would be included with a necklace as the prime accessory. All of us have seen how necklaces and matching earrings make a combination that any accessory lover can’t resist. Gradually, people started looking for jewellery that was colour blocked or even patterns-blocked. This called for separate jewellery pieces and party wear earrings were among one of the first solo/individual accessory items.

And their role in people’s jewellery wardrobe and in the market itself is a clear indication of how good of a decision it has been. Just a pair of earrings is what it takes to uplift the whole look of an outfit on a person. For experimenting and to play safe, a pair of heavy party wear earrings are the best choice you could make. Try pairing it up with a plain simple dress and see the magic happen. The art of styling doesn’t come easy; it takes a lot of failed attempts, a lot of times where you won’t be looking your best and whatnot. But the result is always satisfying, through experimenting we find our style, a style that is unique to each one of us. 

So, pick your experiment today in form of a pair of party wear earrings because what could be better than something that leaves almost zero probability of failing at uplifting an ensemble. Grab your pair of statement partywear earrings today and shine through your style game.

Party Wear Bracelets - Women’s Bracelet from Blingvine

Bracelets, bands around the wrist that hold value. A bracelet is more than just a physical band, most often, they signify the deepest depths of emotions. Nothing makes a person happier than a simple bracelet that they could wear daily. It feels like wearing an emotion on your wrist. It's certainly more than a mere item of purchase and we take pride in creating pieces that hold a significant emotional value.

Party bracelets are just another thing altogether. The whole range is a full-blown series of emotions and tells a story for itself. The portrayal of emotions has always been the idea behind creating an accessory and party wear bracelets give the whole experience. The party-wear bracelet designs are a sight to see and a dream to hold. With their beauty and grace, they are a force to reckon with, especially if you are looking for a minimal look. 

Fashion is no more just about extravagant outfits and jewellery; it has become a staple need now. especially with terms like the outfit of the day in the market, people are more curious than ever. The urge to look good and shine every day is constantly on the rise and very rightfully so. 

We see a lot of attention in the jewellery section is assigned towards necklaces and earrings, and bracelets have always been paired with some other jewellery. But the days have changed! Changing dynamics at workplaces is also one of the reasons why people have shifted focus from heavy jewellery pieces to just a statement bracelet that would give them just the right amount of accessorizing and make them feel confident as they stride through the corporate pathway. With variations like tennis bracelets and chain bracelets, bracelets have a journey of their own which shows how far they have come. In terms of stability, grace, class, and subtlety; nothing beats the charm of a bracelet. 

With the right bracelet, you choose an all-in-one accessory that would never make you feel overdressed or underdressed. Layering and accessorizing are two pillars of today’s style and bracelets give you both the options. You could layer a bracelet with a watch or even with a few bangles and accessorizing is the key function of bracelets as it is. So, in all, a bracelet is a complete package that people have come to love. 

Now that we know the power of bracelets in the jewellery section, let's come to the power of a good bracelet. It has no end. As simple as that. So, making sure that you are choosing the right bracelet Is something that you should give importance to. At Blingvine, we believe that our customers should have to make the least effort while selecting any piece of jewellery. With our collection of bracelets, we bring to you a well-divided section to help you choose between the pearls, crystals, and sapphire-like gems of your liking. We come with an always just one click away option and the best quality that any imitation jewellery could come in, all for your comfort while choosing jewellery that melts your heart and makes you see yourself in an accessory! 


Which is the best party wear online jewellery store in India?
Party wear jewellery is a niche and one online store in India that specializes in this niche is Blingvine. Be it party wear necklaces, hoops, bracelets, pendants or layered sets, Blingvine has you covered! Packed and shipped with the utmost love and care, the party wear jewellery at Blingvine goes through tedious and rigorous quality checks during the manufacturing. Even with the greatest support from bollywood celebs, social media influencers and thousands of customers, Blingvine offers a one year warranty on all their products counted from the date of purchase.
Which type of party wear jewellery set are more popular these days?
In terms of party wear jewellery, the popular choices for necklaces include Crystal choker sets, Lotus shaped Pearl necklace set, light pink enamel necklace set. Similarly for earrings, the latest trends suggest that gold plated hoops and danglers make for the best of party wear vibe. Continuing the same line of thought, colorful gemstone bracelets, crystal studded tennis bracelets and bangles hold the right party wear appeal upright.
How one can take care of delicate party jewellery?
Just like any other fine jewellery item, one must care for their party wear jewellery items to keep them shiny new like day 1. It is highly advised to always store their party wear jewellery in cloth lined air tight bags or boxes. After every use, one must clean their party wear jewellery with a mild shampoo or soap. One must also keep their party wear jewellery away from perfumes, hair sprays and bodily fluids like sweat.