Match Your Jewellery With Your Outfit - A Complete Guide

Match Your Jewellery With Your Outfit - A Complete Guide

As important it is to pick an outfit that fits your body and occasion, it is equally important to pick the jewellery that fits your outfit and occasion. With american diamond jewellery, pearl jewellery and gold plated jewellery, women have even more jewellery choices. Ever wondered why some people look fabulously attractive with a simple outfit and just some added bling while some just look shabby and unorganised in their dressing ways? It all comes down to some simple basics of fashioning jewellery appropriately with your outfit according to the occasion.

If matched properly, every jewellery piece is a statement in its own. But due to the wide choice in jewellery, we mostly end up selecting the wrong types which eventually ruins the total look. Pairing the right jewellery with the right outfit can make all the eyes turned to you.

In order to avoid any blunders and carry a stunning look to your next event, here we have listed down some guidelines so that you get a basic understanding of jewellery selection and matching.

Jewellery For Saree

This may be a frequently repeated cliché statement but a saree is indeed one of those versatile garments that can be worn on a myriad of occasions. It never fails to achieve the elegant and serene look women seek. From a casual family get-together to important work presentations, a saree can make that head-turning style statement anywhere, if worn and styled the right way.

While finding the perfect saree is necessary, finding the right jewellery that goes well with the saree is equally important. You need to make sure your chosen piece of jewellery elevates the look of your saree and makes you stand out in the crowd. Look out some tips on how to match jewellery with your saree.

You can pick jewellery according to the colour of your saree. With the right colour coordination, you can effortlessly achieve the intended look. Matching or contrasted jewellery works best with saree. However, you can always experiment with different colours. Sober and monotone colour sarees with simple print borders go best with pearl jewellery while bright colour or heavy embroidered sarees looks best with simple gold jewellery or matching gemstone or crystal jewellery. For a better understanding refer to our blog on how you can match your jewellery with saree colour.

Saree also comes in numerous forms and materials. Banarasi silk, Kanjeevaram, Paithani, Bandhani and Chikankari are some popular forms of saree that can be widely seen. Every saree type requires a different type of jewellery. Check out this blog about how to Match Your Jewellery with the Type of Your Saree to achieve your desired style.

If you're still unsure about what jewellery to pick, check out our quick guide on top 10 tips to Match Jewellery with Your Saree

Saree with jewellery

Jewellery For Lehenga

Lehenga is one of the most delightful ethnic outfits that has been enjoying a lot of attention lately by fashionistas all around the nation. Picking out that perfect lehenga jewellery is no child’s play, as it plays a pivotal role in making or breaking your entire look. You must always pick the jewellery which matches well with your lehenga. Check out our blog on how to choose the best jewellery for your lehenga perfectly. Lehenga already has a lot going on in its own, so do not overdo with jewellery with a lehenga. Choose among a Necklace and small stud earrings, or long dangling earrings with a sleek bracelet or a set of metal bangles and no necklace at all.

What usually breaks your look is the poor matching of jewellery with your lehenga. Paying special attention to the way your jewellery blends with the work and colour of your lehenga will help you enhance the pop of your look largely. Be it the most popular Red or maroon lehenga, bubble yum pink lehenga, sober and classy white lehenga or bold and stunning blue or green lehenga, there is always a perfect jewellery waiting to be paired with every colour. Check this guide that will help you choose the best jewellery that matches your lehenga colour. The whole point is to match the jewellery in such a way that it contrasts and mixes well with the colour of the outfit. The jewellery should complement your outfit and make the most of the outfit you’ve so passionately chosen for yourself.

Jewellery For Western Dress

Jewellery is the best way to ramp up your style game! Western dresses are the most playful of outfits and experimenting with them have been a choice of every woman and even designers. When it comes to choosing jewellery for western outfits, you’ve got numerous choices. Any and almost all kinds of jewellery work with western dresses if paired the right way.

The number 1 rule of thumb is to pair the jewellery according to the neckline of your outfit. To get the most out of your jewellery, always consider the neckline of your dress while pairing a necklace. Check out here how to perfectly pair a necklace according to the neckline of your outfit. Here is a quick guide for you to pair your necklace perfectly with your neckline.

In addition to that, pick jewellery according to the colour of the outfit. On a black, white or neutral coloured garment, mostly any kind of jewellery stands out. If you’re wearing an outfit that’s bright, subdued jewellery is the best pick. Also, if your outfit is heavily embellished, it is advisable to go with some simple and sober jewellery like a minimal pendant or just a ring or a sleek bracelet.

Try experimenting for a change and pair traditional jewellery with a western outfit. It is the most popular and exquisite fashion trend this year.

A black dress is a staple of every woman and the most popular choice in the western dress genre. The best thing about a black dress is its versatility. You can have fun with the dress alone or look astonishingly stunning by putting some imagination into your look and pairing it with jewellery and accessories. Here is a detailed guide on how to pair your jewellery perfectly with a black dress.

Make a Statement!

A rule of the thumb is to never overwhelm your look with jewellery. You don’t want to look like a jewellery shop. Try and select one type of jewellery that will stand out and make it your defining piece. Just one statement jewellery is enough to make a difference and express your style. For example, with an ethnic outfit, you can wear heavy chandelier earrings. With a western outfit, you can wear a bold bracelet. With a fusion-wear, you can wear a belt that’s prominent in size.

Save this guide today follow the above-mentioned style tips and tricks to rock the look with every outfit at your next event.

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