Best Designer Fashion Jewellery Online 2022

Best Designer Fashion Jewellery Online 2022

Jewellery is like that secret ingredient that can add flavour to a simple palate of clothing and bring out the best in you. While stocking fine jewellery is not everyone’s cup of tea, fashion jewellery is every woman’s best friend. From modern to traditional and minimal to bold, fashion jewellery is a go-to accessory for any outfit or occasion.

While every woman has a personal choice when it comes to accessorising, every jewellery has a charm of its own. Be it necklaces, earrings, pendants or bracelets, they all complement the look according to the type of dress or event. In the world of fashion, everything comes down to looking elegant and attractive. If you’ve paired up the right outfits and accessories, you’re good to go! Gone are the days of precious and expensive jewellery. Millennials are now opting for customized and practical costume jewellery that perfectly fit their style and budget.

Here, at Blingvine, we have laid down a massive collection of fashion necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets collection for girls. Sourced from the fashion capitals of the world – Paris, Milan, New York, London and many more, we have got for you the latest trends in runway fashion. Check out our unique and designer collection of jewellery designs and products types available at Blingvine Jewelry store online.


Necklaces are the most mesmerizing jewellery pieces. They not just complete the look but add to it as well. Women not only pick a necklace according to the outfit but can be often seen picking a dress around the necklace. Fashion necklaces have the power to add personality and glamour to the look. Necklaces are the favourite red-carpet accessory and can perk up any outfit with its incredible make.

From chunky bold necklace pieces to minimal necklaces and from Royal Pearl necklaces to glamorous Crystal Necklaces, every necklace has a charm of its own. Necklaces are also considered as statement jewellery because of its personalized and unique possibilities of styling.

You can choose among a wide array of necklace designs at Blingvine. From choker necklaces to long necklaces, Pearls to crystals, minimal office necklace to designer party wear necklaces, and modern to traditional necklaces designs, checkout extraordinary fashion necklaces online perfect for all occasions.

Fashion necklaces for women


Pendants are the most versatile and go-to jewellery for every woman. It adds the perfect amount of bling to your attire when you want to go stylish yet minimal at any affair. Pendants are every girl’s favourite accessory. The modern jewellery trends are shaping everywhere and pendants underwent a massive makeover from all corners. Pendants today are not just a minimal jewellery piece but also style-defining statement jewellery for women.

Pendant with chain has been in fashion for centuries. From charm pendant to designer fashion pendants, every pendant has a role to play in dressing up a woman. It creates a feminine façade and adds elegance while keeping you classy.

While there are innumerable pendant designs available, Blingvine has chosen to go a step ahead. From unique pedant designs to trendy options like crystal pendants, charms pendant, hearts pendant and much more, find high-quality pendants with chain for women online at Blingvine. Check out our stunning collection of pendant and earrings set that will help you look stylish at all occasions.

Designer Pendants with chain for women


Earrings are a staple of every girl’s jewellery box. It is the most basic and essential jewellery piece that is required to complete a look. Statement Earrings are a must-have jewellery piece to accessorize and make the best out of a simple outfit. They can single-handedly elevate your outfit while adding glamour and grace to your look. Earrings have the potential of dressing up or down any outfit. Be it your heavy Lehenga or a simple pantsuit, with the right pair of earrings you can add the perfect amount of bling to any outfit.

Show off your style with latest and trendy earrings designs at Blingvine. From stylish yet simple stud earrings to long stunning danglers and from modern contemporary earrings to the traditional Jhumkas, we have got it all for you under one roof. Blingvine earrings for girls are the best quality accessory you can find online to add personality to your look. The versatile and vast collection of fashion earrings online including pearl earrings, crystal earrings and enamel earrings.

Fashion earrings for girls online


Unlike necklaces that go with only specific necklines, Bracelets or Bangles can be paired with almost every outfit – short sleeves or long. Bracelets are an accessory that can be worn anywhere with any type of outfit, they always look elegant. Bracelets are easily noticeable while you are talking or making a presentation. They catch attention and make your wrists look bold and beautiful. Bracelets add personality to our look with their unique make. Every bracelet has a hidden meaning to it. Be it statement jewellery or a just fancy accessory, all bracelets introduce your inner self before you even speak. Bracelets have a free shape and adjustable size mostly a chain with a clasp while bangles have rigid and pre-defined shaped which is mostly closed or an open end like a cuff bangle. Modern bangles can also been seen with a open/close clasp so as to make it easy to wear and fit different wrist sizes.

The wrists are the thinnest part of your body. So, accentuate your pretty wrists with unique and designer bracelets and bangles for girls at Blingvine Jewelry Store online. From classy and minimal office wear bracelets to bold and chunky bangles for special occasions, we have got you covered. While a pearl bracelet can be added to a classy formal event, a sparkling crystal bracelet will make you stand out in a crowd at a wedding or party.

Designer bracelets and bangles for women online

Fashion jewellery is not just an accessory but a style-defining statement for all women. One need not have a big budget to make a luxurious appearance. It can be easily attained with high-quality imitation jewellery that will last for several years to come. We, at Blingvine, have brought for you the best collection of Statement Jewelry to make a royal and elegant statement on any occasion. 

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